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Published: 03rd April 2015
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Dad, do you know the 3 warning signs that you are not spending quality-time with your daughter? In this article, you will discover what those 3 warning signs are and what to do counteract the negative consequences.

If case you have not already realized it, how much quality-time you spend with your daughter defines the quality of your relationship with her and her chances of developing healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. It all starts with you, Dad.

Dads who spend more quality-time with their daughters, hug them, and laugh with them, have daughters who do not precipitously seek out boyfriends when they are teenagers.

The 3 Warning Signs You Are Not Spending Quality-Time with Your Daughter - And What to Do Instead

Warning Sign #1 - You Come Home, Eat, Watch Television and Go to Sleep - A mindless routine can become devastating to a close relationship with your daughter. If you allow a daily pattern of rote habits to take over your life, you lose control of creating your own happiness for the two of you.

What to Do Instead - If you have enough intelligence and skill to write a grocery to-do list, you have the same ability to write and carry out a to-do list of at least 30 minutes that you will dedicate to listening to, and spending time with your daughter each day.

Warning Sign #2 - You Spend More Than an Hour on the Internet Each Evening - That you spend more than an hour on the Internet each evening in and of itself is not definitive proof that you do not spend quality-time with your daughter.

If you are not spending quality-time at all and still have an hour to spend surfing the Internet, for entertainment purposes, then that is an indication of a problem.

What To Do Instead - This is an easy one. Turn the computer off. Turn to your daughter, and spend that time with her. Watch her favorite TV show with her. Take a walk with her; get an ice cone. Just listen to her all about her day.

Warning Sign #3 - Your Daughter Asks You to Spend Some Time with Her, and You Reply that You Are Too "Busy" - This one reminds me one day when I was answering business emails on the computer, and my daughter, at about 7-years old, said, "Daddy, can you play with me?"

I started to say that I was too busy, but when I saw the joyful anticipation in her eyes, I got off my chair, and played jacks on the floor with her for 30 minutes. Was it worth it? I'll say it was!

What to Do Instead - Never convince yourself that you cannot stop whatever you are doing, and give your child at least 10 minutes of your time. If you are that busy, you need a break anyway.

The interesting thing about spending time with your child, you will always remember those moments, and you will usually forget what you were so busy about. The job of daddies is to create unforgettable memories. This is your only real job as a father.

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