Denis Tanner, an air rifle that is old and another fire that is unexpected

Published: 08th May 2020
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Serious questions have been raised by the discovery of an old British air rifle in the house of divisive former detective Denis Tanner about a mysterious fire at a Mansfield farm a lot more than two decades ago. The quarters had been a stumbling block during dialogues between Bostock and Tanner, who indicated he had no requirement for the building and wanted a reduction. The fire subsequently dropped the deal price of the 400-hectare parcel of land by about $30,000.Not only did Tanner, a cop at Benalla at the time, inquire the fire himself, but the cause of the fire was deemed an electrical fault despite electricity not running to the building for 20 years. It was not the very first time he was linked to an impeccably timed fire. In 1995, two months after the body of St Kilda sex worker Adele Bailey that was transsexual was discovered his brother Laurie Tanner's Bonnie Doon residence burnt down, in a closeby mineshaft, meaning the house could not be forensically reexamined. Denis Tanner had been among the final cops to speak to Bailey when he worked in St Kilda.The same farmhouse was where the body of his sister in law Jennifer Tanner was found in 1984 in among the state's most baffling deaths. Local police first thought, in their investigation that was bungled, that Jennifer Tanner had died after shooting at herself in the head. Through the webbing of every one of her hands were bullet holes. While Tanner was named by another in 1998 as her killer one coronial inquest returned an open finding. The situation surrounding the Preston Estate fire were buried among the more volatile rumours that dogged Tanner until the police raid on his Williamstown home in February. The raid comes amid a household feud and after his brother reported legal documents were stolen from his house in Mansfield.The records were never found, but police uncovered the old air rifle in addition to police-issue ammunition and identification. " the farmer, who needed his identity protected, said. He said Tanner, then stationed at Benalla police, told him there were two possible causes for the fire: that Mansfield youths drinking there burnt it down or the blaze was started by an electrical fault. Both stretched credulity. The issue was, the farmer said, there had not been electricity for about 20 years to the shearers' quarters and youths appeared far-fetched

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