Designing of Our Dreamland

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Published: 06th February 2017
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What is the next step after you got the possession, you have got the keys, you are about to move in? Your bear shell ready house is ready but it will take time to turn it into your dreamland…

You have to go through following steps to renovate your house:
1. Survey the house
This is the first and foremost important thing to start with. Imagine a condition, you have bought new furniture and when you brought it at home and placed it at the desired place, suddenly you surprised on seeing that the dimension of furniture is one inch long and it is difficult to adjust it anywhere in the house. How would you feel at that time?

Similarly it is necessary to survey the house at a glance to ensure exclusive and elegant interior design selection.

2. Draw up your findings to get ideal image
You can use AutoCAD to draw up a plan of the entire house. If you are not familiar with AutoCAD, then you can use online available software, that too free of cost, to get an idea of layout design. These online platforms are easy to use and even you can print the layout. Variety of tools allows you to draw 2D/3D floor plans/models which will give an idea of outline structure.

After layout plan is ready, you’re ready to experiment with different set of permutation and combination to design your house. You can play with various combinations and can get the best out of it. Tweaking in the layout is easy rather than changing the complete interior design of house. This would help to select the furniture according to the available dimensions.

3. Research
After you are ready with layout and list of furniture and another required stuff, next step is to search for the furniture and other stuffs that fulfill your need. This search process will take the longest time and it is very crucial in respect of deciding the furniture. A person should focus on the big furniture item first – bed, dining tables, sofa etc. After finalizing, it will be easy for you to pick the smaller furniture items later. Selecting the big one first also gives you a sense of how much money you left with for other accessories and stuffs.

Even the research step is very critical in terms of decision making. You have to take decision according to the aroma which your house should reflect. Because it’s difficult to change the furniture and other accessories after one or two year.

4. Selecting Paints Colors
After successful layout designing and furniture selection, next critical yet important task is selection of paint colors. It should match the décor, ambience, furniture and design of the house. One thing should be kept in mind that final aura and finishing of your house depends upon the color selection. If this has been done correctly then 100 percent chances are there of getting the desired final design. Most of the people prefer to opt for multi paint colors, these colors add value if it is selected in wiser way else even the best available layout, furniture, accessories and paint colors would not give desired ambience.

If you are curious to know, how the house will look after coloring then you can click images of your house and edit in the Photoshop with the desired paint colors. Another way to judge whether your paint colors would match with the interior design or not is to paint small portion of wall with the paint color and live with it for few days to see if you’re happy with it or not. Then you can go ahead with final design.

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