Desktop IT Support Chicago: The Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

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Published: 05th December 2016
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In computing, virtualization is the placement of virtual infotech resources on actual infotech resources. For example, when desktop virtualization is performed by a provider of desktop IT support in Chicago, software is used to separate the computing environment from the literal computers that access it. The environment is then streamed to the computers over the internet from a remote site, or streamed to them from inside the location of the end user.

If your company is considering receiving virtualization services from a provider of desktop IT support in Chicago, there are some important benefits to factor into the decision. Below are four crucial ways that companies can benefit from receiving the service on a web-based model.

Increased Cost Savings

The service can increase cost savings in various ways, including: reducing infotech support costs, mitigating software licensing fees, slashing energy costs, and reducing upfront purchasing costs for hosting the computing environment in house. Research shows that web-based virtualization can reduce traditional costs for the environment by a whopping 70 percent.

Simplified Management

The service can simplify infotech management in various ways, such as by not requiring IT personnel to fix problems onsite (remote management tools can handle most jobs), centralizing the backup of computer data, and allowing system upgrades to be made from the service provider's location. If simplifying infotech management is on your to-do list, virtualization can help.

Enhanced Security

Some companies worry that the service places proprietary computing data at risk for theft, but the opposite is typically true. The service provider goes to great lengths to keep customers' data safe from prying eyes, often implementing better security measures that a customer would. Implement web-based virtualization services and look forward to increased data privacy.

Improved Productivity

One of the goals of most infotech solutions is to increase the productivity of the customer's business process in one way or another. Virtualization is no exception. As with the benefits above, increased productivity is the result of several sub-benefits, particularly: reducing application downtime, preconfiguring the computing environment, and remote access to applications.


Receiving desktop virtualization services from an experienced provider has at least four benefits that define its advantage for end users: increased cost savings, simplified infotech management, enhanced security, and improved productivity in the daily workplace. For assistance deciding whether this web-based service is good solution for the infotech needs of your company, contact a provider of desktop IT support in Chicago today to schedule a free consultation.

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