Different Takes: How does it feel For a Father to Spend Fatherís Day behind Bars?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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It's hard to spend a Holiday in prison and Father's Day isn't an exception. Since most prisoners are predominantly males and have families waiting for their return and every year that passes by is torture. It only means it's the number of years they haven't been with each other as a family but was spent in jail. In a macho, TV-hyped and the collective unconscious of how a father should be; strong, almost emotionless authority figure it's eye opening and a relief to know that they do care. They cry and get hurt and feel sad for the reality they are in experiencing, such torture of not seeing your kids grow up, having to bathe them, eat out with them, play with them in park or just rock them to sleep. But with the many fathers in prisons so is the multiplexes in perspectives. Here are some of them.
The Positive
While in prison, how can a person still have a positive outlook in life? Yet alone, someone who is a father and missing their children? Well, you can say they are lucky to have partners who have raised their children in a positive light and do their best to bridge the distance between their spouses and children. Also, the Positives are persistent and will do everything and grab every opportunity to do cheap prison calls and check out on their children as much as they can. They will never give up, devoting as much as they can to being the best father they can be even behind bars. And with that persistence in making sure there's a constant flow of communication it results to the children better understanding the situation.
The Guilty
The reverse can be said for this type; usually they have only seen their kids once or twice in an average of a 15-year sentence. They are remorseful of themselves and wallowing in guilt of not being able to see nor take care of their children while they were growing up. They have a lot of pent up feelings and a lot of things they wish they could say to their families but can't. Also, this type has a tight budget and could only do calls every other month. They are envious of other inmates during Father's Day when they visit them.
The Aloof
This type are the ones who have dealt with the situation and have put an end to it by accepting the sorry state of them being a father. They have accepted that things can't be change anymore and that they're children are most probably going to grow up without having a father. Though they wish it hadn't turned out this way, they have completely given up and are just awaiting the day of their release or if on a life sentence making the most of the time they have inside.

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