Do we really need to drink water? Why?

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Published: 30th April 2020
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Do we really need to drink water? Why?

We all know that water is good for our health but still most of us live on one or two glass of water a day or even less and prefer just taking a sip form bottle and still survive. Does that means we do not need water? But, this is not the case. We all need water and for health reasons obviously. We love to give excuses like we forget to drink, we donít get time, we donít like the taste etc. We may not see the impact instantly of not drinking or drinking less water but its impact can be seen in the long run.Let us check few benefits of drinking water and may be they can actually hit your mind and heart and you start drinking adequate

To have a beautiful skin:

Everybody would love to have a clean and beautiful skin. We are ready to shell extra bucks on cosmetics and parlours for the same but we forget that drinking water can help to detoxify our body which would be clearly visible on our skin.

To control weight:

Yes, water can help us to control weight. If we consume water before meals, the hunger will subside and is a natural way to be on diet. But it is not a substitute to food. Food is necessary for body but extra munching can be avoided.

To keep a check on calories:

Instead of choosing aerated drinks or sweetened drinks, water can help us to keep a check on extra calories we may intake as water is
a calorie free and healthy option.

To balance body fluid:

We know that our body is made of 70% of water and it is necessary to maintain the balance intact for healthy body. As the water in the
body keeps moving, the body gets hydrated and is able to perform smoothly.

For healthy bowel:

The major reason for stomach ailments is lack of water consumption. To ensure that the stomach is healthy and is cleaned thoroughly
from inside, water is the best treatment . Drinking water can help to keep the stuff moving out easily and generation of toxins will be controlled.

For smooth functioning of kidney:

A regular flow of water from the kidney can help in removing toxins and make it stay healthy.
Can help to check certain cancers:
Drinking water can help us to control bladder and colon cancer as the harmful toxins will get regularly flushed out of the body.

For healthy brain:

Drinking water can boost our brain as well. It can help us to stay alert and attain concentration.

For balanced workouts:

While workout we sweat a lot and toxins are released from our body and on the same hand we flush out water from body. To balance the
ame, water consumption is necessary. Even water is good for our muscle movements. You may have seen sportsperson focusing on drinking
water in short intervals which is helpful in maintaining the balance of water level in their body.
All this sounds good but needless to say, this is possible only if you drink pure and germ free water. Obviously, contaminated water

will do no good to our body but only harm it. Drinking plenty of water will give us beautiful skin, keep our body healthy, fresh and active.

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