Do you leave your child in the care of a maid?

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Published: 18th April 2007
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Do you leave your child in the care of a maid?

Having a maid or a Nanny Your own maid is a great convenience, but when you hire a maid, you to need to be really sure that the level of care they give your child is as good as you expect.    Parents will often respond to even the smallest of cries from their child; this is not necessarily the case with a maid.  The quality of maid or Nanny varies a lot and you need to be very carefully and somewhat lucky to find the best for your family. A large part of your child’s upbringing will be in the hands of your maid, and this formative period is very important as it will influence your child’s future development.

So what are the alternatives:

Full time Nursery

A professional nursery has the advantage that your child can socialise with other children and the nursery will be sufficiently staffed to ensure that your child is looked after at all times. Many countries have an inspection regime to ensure that appropriate standards of care are maintained. Nurseries are often located near to workplaces and also near to schools, making it much more convenient to organise your daily routine for drop off and collections. In some countries Government funding is available for instance in the United Kingdom working parents can get tax credits called Working Tax credits which partly fund nursery care.  Also in the UK employers can make use of Nursery Vouchers, these are non-taxable on the individual but are tax deductable for the employer thereby making it an attractive tax free benefit for all parties. The Government in the UK is supportive of these schemes, because the alternatives are often a stay at home parent claiming state benefits. A great benefit of nursery is that your child can adapt to a school type environment, make friends and then often the transition to school life is a much easier one.

Child Minder
A child minder is normally an experienced mother, usually with child care qualifications, normally a child minder will work from home and look after several children at the same time, sometimes included her own, Always check the references and qualification of a child minder carefully and ask for several references from families who have used them before.

It is possible to make use of CCTV systems to monitor your maid, but there are privacy considerations to be carefully considered, particular in the US and Europe, where strict privacy laws are enforced. Relatives Of course leaving your child with a relative is a good option as they are likely to be strongly motivated to care for them, but if they are elderly it may not be so easy for them to cope.

There are many options to choose from, all of which have pros and cons, consider each option carefully as your child if very precious and deserve the very best care you can find.

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