Do You Need to do an Electrofishing Survey on Your Lake

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Anyone who is the owner of a private lake or who manages a public body of water may have to hire a lake management company to conduct an electrofishing survey. By using this tool, the current health of the body of water can be determined. It also sets the stage for the future direction to take with the ecosystem.

The statistics from this survey become the reference point for future stocking and harvesting of fish. It becomes a way to discover problems before they grow larger. Sometimes the fish populations become unbalanced and a determination of what is really happening has to be done in order to bring things back into balance.

Electrofishing surveys have been done on all kinds of waterways. It has been done in the Great Lakes and on Lake Tahoe. It has also been done on the Mississippi River. Of course, it has also been done on smaller private lakes as well. If you feel your lake or waterway could benefit from this, find a lake management professional to do it for you. The end result is to attempt to bring the health of the body of water to a higher level.

This does not hurt the fish. They are only stunned for short time. They are netted and put in a holding tank on the boat while waiting for their measurements to be taken. After all that is done, they are returned unharmed to the waterway. Of course, if there are diseased fish and invasive species, that is the time when they may be culled and not returned to the water. Electrofishing does not hurt mammals.

Once the electrofishing survey is done, interpreting the data depends on when the electrofishing is done. Factors include the temperature, the time of year, the various types of plants that are there, and the water clarity. So it takes a professional to properly do and interpret this kind of information.

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