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Published: 06th February 2017
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Chirping of birds, pleasant weather, clear sky and the warm sunrays touching your face as you sip hot tea!
For people living in Mumbai having such a leisurely morning on weekdays is only a distant dream. Every busy working professional can understand the morning chaos with quick breakfast and rush to take the right local train. Most of the people living in Mumbai travel to their work places by public transport making their way through traffic jams, crowded trains or buses. Many people report of being tired even before starting their day at work. Most of the corporate jobs are highly demanding, require concentration and make you sit in one place for more than 6 hours at a time. Prolonged sitting has been reported to be highly injurious to health. In addition, other habits such as wrong sitting posture, prolonged computer use, smoking, work pressure, too much coffee consumption, and lack of exercise together leads to a very stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.
As the weekend approaches, most of the working people look forward to engage in some de-stressing activities. While some afford to travel out of town, most people opt to watch cinema, go shopping, dining or just hang out with friends. While all of this can help you to de-stress temporarily, it may only target mental relaxation. However, stress that you suffer during the week does not only affect you mentally but also physically. Stress can show its physical symptoms in terms of pain, tiredness, low immunity and skin problems. So, how do you reduce physical symptoms of stress?
After extensive research, some experts suggest that stress can be managed through some of the natural therapies such as yoga, meditation, relaxation and massage therapies. Meditation and relaxation techniques mainly improve your mental health and reduce stress. On the other hand therapies like yoga and massage improve mental as well physical symptoms equally.
If you are on lookout for a best spa therapy that can help you to get rid of mental as well as physical stress, you should try massage therapy at a reputed day spa in Mumbai. Many spa chains are providing same service but you choose professional spa that will be offer scientifically proven spa therapies for stress management. Massage therapies lead to effective pain relief by improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles. In addition, the essential oils as those used in Aromatherapy Massage reach the brain and create mental calmness. Some quality spa brands offers different programmes that are holistic in nature and target the common problems associated with stress such as disturbed sleep, tiredness, low immunity, pain, etc. Each programme is of 12 week duration and consists of massage therapies as well as appropriate lifestyle changes including diet plans and physical activity.
If you are in Mumbai and wondering if there is any spa near me you need not worry. I have found the great Spa chain has working for reducing stress and rejuvenate people. Famous locations for finding good and effective Spa services are Andheri (West), Bandra(West,) Goregaon (East), Malad (West), Powai, Vile Parle(East).

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