Document Scanning and Optical Character Recognition with VeloScan

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Published: 30th April 2020
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VeloScan is a powerful client-server utility supporting multiple users for scanning documents quickly and efficiently. It allows you to retrieve and store millions of documents, workflows and cases so that you have a safe digital backup of all of your businesses important printed material. It also includes a powerful and reliable optical character recognition (OCR) utility with support for more than fifty languages. Sporting an extensive range of useful features, it allows you to get a great deal more out of your existing multifunction printer or dedicated photocopier or scanner. The only limitation is your available hard disk space.

Accurate Document Scanning and OCR Software

You can use any scanning device connected to your computer, either wired or wireless, with VeloScan. All you need to do is configure your scanning device to save all scanned documents in the TIFF format in a network folder, and VeloScan will do the rest. It also provides support for PDF documents, PNG and JPG files, all of which can be imported simply by dragging and dropping them into the same network folder where your scanned documents are stored. If your scanning device doesn't support OCR, or you don't currently have any other OCR software installed on your computer, you don't need to worry thanks to VeloScan's accurate and fast solution. It will automatically perform optical character recognition on any files as soon as you load them up with the program.

Document Importing Made Easy

Importing documents with VeloScan is a quick and straightforward job. Once you load a document, VeloScan will check the layout of all pages in the scanned file, and you'll have the opportunity to rotate, reposition or delete them as necessary. You can also split pages in a scanned document into multiple separate files or merge multiple documents into a single file. Other features include the ability to automatically store color or black and white copies of your documents with the latter being better suited to optical character recognition tasks. When importing PDF documents, you can extract text from the file or, if the text is presented as a picture which can't simply be copied, you can run it through the OCR utility.

Advanced Document Searching and Viewing

With VeloScan, you can retrieve documents using either document classification details, an extracted piece of text, freeform text or basic document details, such as date imported and document ID. Once you have retrieved the document, you'll be able to edit it, save it to the computer, print it, email it, store notes alongside it or change its security credentials.

Workflow and Case Management

VeloScan's ultimate goal is to help optimize the workflow in your organization by allowing you to create cases for managing various tasks and problems. You can link your documents to cases, define workflows using a range of templates and much more. Additionally, you'll be able to configure users, roles and access rights to ensure that your data is kept safe. You'll also be able to audit user activity. Find out more at

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