Does green tea in India has caffeine? Sevens things one needs to know.

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Published: 04th December 2016
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Diets of mostly every human being consist of caffeine. If one wants to completely eliminate caffeine from the diet then one need to add green tea to his/her diet. However if one wants to reduce caffeine intake, one needs to substitute green tea. Green tea in India is considered as the healthiest tea amongst the variety of teas.Green tea has number of facts and below are considered some facts about green tea-
1. As long as the number of cups one consume remains same, consuming a cup of green teareduce caffeine intake by seventy percent. A cup of green tea contains twenty five mg of caffeine. Anyhow there are number of variables affecting these numbers. Example, caffeine content of different types of green tea varies. Longer brewing time can result in strongly caffeinated tea.
2. In addition to caffeine, there are two other stimulants present in green tea. These two stimulants are known as Theo-bromine and theophylline. These affects heart rate and central nervous system. These substances are also found in chocolate.
3. The combined stimulant effect of caffeine in green tea is balanced by the other substance in the tea. The amino acid L-The-nine simultaneously calms the nervous system and also enhances concentration abilities.
4. Always take time to consider the reasons eliminating caffeine from the diet. If someone experience negative effects such as anxiety, insomnia etc. After consuming coffee, consider whether these are related to number of cups one consume per day. When one consumes coffee in a day and what one adds to coffee to sweeten it. One should try to cut down number of cups of drink per day and should switch to another beverage after early afternoon or cut down sugar that adds to coffee. There are some studies that indicates caffeine intake have a protective effect against the disease known as Parkinson.
5. If one wants to receive the benefits of this tea without caffeine, one should purchase decaffeinated tea. This tea is labeled as naturally decaffeinated is been treated with chemical solvent known as ethyl acetate. Green tea is a healthier choice when caffeine content is removed through the process of effervescence.
6. If caffeine is having a negative effect on health then it is important to switch from coffee to green tea. This tea boost metabolism and helps the body burn fat.Unlike coffee, this tea has a natural antibiotic effect which kills bacteria in mouth and contributes to better dental check-ups. This tea helps protect against heart disease.
7. Careful selection helps one receive more of potential health benefits. Numbers of prepared teas in bottles are pre-sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. One should try to select tea bags or loose tea leaves which are not chemically treated. The way tea is prepared have an effect. Numbers of health experts believe boiling water destroys flavonoids. This gives healing potency. It is important that one should heat the water without bringing it to full boil in order to preserve the positive effects of green tea in India.

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