Does Inner Wisdom Breed Outer Peace?

Published: 17th June 2015
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I've often been told that my presence brings with it a calming effect. When I say it's a result of being clear about my inner knowing I get a puzzled look. As if I'm talking a foreign language. It's high time that "whole beings" who understand their inner wisdom came out of hiding to run the corporations of tomorrow. Whole beings are simply those individuals who are clear on their inherent truth. That we are whole and that includes even those parts of ourselves that we have hidden for so long. I will elaborate on what it truly means to be a whole being in another article as that is a truly big topic.

My clarity in this regard is the reason that so many times I was put in charge of certain projects at work when I was in corporate. They needed a leader that would bring peace to an otherwise out of balance project or situation and, "tag" I became it.

Most people would relegate this sense of inner wisdom and calming ability to my years of experience in corporate and/or just my years of living life and making it through tough times. Many think that corporate or work lives and your personal life are separate. How far from true is that?

The truth is that you are a whole being whose personal life will impact your work life and vice versa. So, when there are individuals who want to keep those two things separate, what they're doing is tearing them self apart. As an entrepreneur this is ever more evident because you are who you are and you bring that to your business; actually you are in everything you do.

That is why it is ever so important to always understand yourself in relation to your world and to then create that center of peace within you from your own inner wisdom; from having gotten to know yourself very well.

Most people run away from who they are and therefore never really get to know themselves in a deeper way. They hide out behind their job; their home, their spouse, their children, their circumstances, their experiences and forget that the majority of this life is an illusion of their making.

So, how do we arrive at that inner wisdom that breeds inner & outer peace? It starts by really spending time getting to know yourself so well that you will feel that no outside source knows you better. This will naturally spill into your business and this will also magnetize those to you that you're seeking and who are truly longing for your services. They will come because you will have gotten so clear in who you are and what you can truly provide that there unfulfilled need will draw them to connect with you.

The truth is that until you do this, you'll run around "spinning your wheels" as they say, still trying to figure out what you're here to do. You see the work you do on you will pay off in big dividends in the long term and is something that no one can ever take away from you. I'm not saying that you have to be perfect before you reach the point where you can help others but you'll want to be the best you that you can be in order to be an example for those that come to you just a few paces behind you on the same path. Leaders lead leaders without always knowing that's what they're doing. So do whatever it takes to find your inner wisdom and express your inner and outer peace because it is worth it to you and everyone whose life you touch. Give yourself permission to tap into that already core knowing that you brought into this life and that everyone truly has access to.

It is, after all, time to truly awaken to this truth about you for we've hidden it too long from ourselves and we've already seen what that has brought us. Let's try something different this time.


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