Does Net Neutrality affect Cloud?

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Its back in the news again, Net neutrality, where Internet Providers will choose who gets to access the internet and at what speed or price. And the question is ringing in everyoneís mind: does this affect Businesses who have a cloud server. Yes unfortunately it does.
There are two aspects to this. Primarily itís a Business, we are already used to paying a premium to be able to better facilitate and deliver to our customers (existing as well as prospects) who we like to engage with on various social media platforms. So now it totally depends on your Cloud Service Provider; if he is paying for a greater bandwidth so that you donít face a lot of problems in dealing with your consumers.
The second aspect is, the larger organisations will be paying still more; or will have undue advantage over your company, especially if you are a start-up or an SME.
Cloud servers initially gained attention because it had opened the doors for smaller firms, who could compete with the big players. Large capital investment was not needed to build an online presence. Small Businesses could leverage a fraction of a large infrastructure, through server or VPS.
The Net Neutrality norms may force your cloud service provider to charge you more; depending on the type of usage you company has, or the weight of your contract. One primary advantage however is that if your cloud service provider is an existing player and has a large clientele; so there again one could say, there is room for cost advantage.
So we can conclude; if youíre a small business enjoying a large cost advantage thanks to cloud, itís better to start looking for a reliable and major cloud service provider who has enough customers that can levy the costs for all.
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