Does Really Professional Home Service BEST, SAFE & AFFORDABLE For Your Home?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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How it works?
Simple 3 step process

1.Select a service
2.Tell your available time
3.To get a booking confirmation

How do I believe them?

For example, if your fan has a repair problem in your house what will you do?, ask your friend or relation for electricians, right? but you should not aware of his, right? here, the technicians will go under certification process, once they will complete certification after they will get the job and do services. Also, the company has registered under government of Tamil nadu. If any issues you can file a case against them so you won't worry.

What are the benefits the consumer get?

1.100% Safety
2.Reduce Lots of Time
3.Expect Quality
6.One place for all home solutions
7.Best Service
8.No Tension
9.No Headache

Is the service not satisfied?

If you would feel the given service is not satisfactory, you may give a feedback about the service & technician and the team will back to you and ask the requirement and will send them another technician for your service and clear the problem which you have.

If the technician damages any things, what shall I do?

Don't worry, you may claim for the damages and they will take responsibilities for the damages which the technician have made.

What is the Service Fee for Technician?

It will be cheap/affordable amount for doing a service in your home and it will be affordable to your economic budget too. The technician will deliver you the quality service. The service charge will be decided by the technician based on the repair or service which is in your house and it will vary for each service.

How do I make payment?

Once the service will be completed by the technician in your house and you would get satisfied for the work he has done and after you would make a payment through cash on hand, card payment and online payment whatever you feel comfortable.

Does it need for Coimbatore?

Yes, probably it should need for Coimbatore people because in now a days all the work like services or purchases all has been done through online only and specifically done via mobile devices, people are lazy on doing purchases or services by directly visit the showroom. Sorry guys because that is true.

The best thing is we are growing or updated with technology. Most of them in Coimbatore are using Mobile phone (versions; android, iphone, windows &blackberry), tab etc,.. - so you could easily purchase a things or book a service on your mobile devices and it will reduce your scheduled time & you will do concentrate on other works. The home services was launched already in the metro cities in India but now only we are hearing about these kind of services and this is late also.

Why don't you welcome the kind of services through online. Hurry Up ! Hurry Up ! It will showcase Coimbatore growth one step ahead.

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