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Published: 17th August 2015
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Dragon City was brought to market through a Spanish Developer known as Social Point. The idea behind the game is really a city filled with Dragons that turn into your friend while you play through the online game generating your self totally free gems along with totally free gold as well as using any dragon city in order to level up along the way. The game offers their gamers a fresh list of 100+ Dragons to choose from and help breed.

Unlimited Dragon City Gold & Gems

Dragon City becomes your empire of Dragons to fight your opponents with, get yourself free gold, free gems, experience and your domain to build your empire. The bigger your Dragons get, the more powerful they become, but when and exactly how is down to you! You are able to speed up training and finishing tasks by watching tutorials so you can get Dragon City hacks, TIP's and cheats to get free gems and free gold quicker. As you will discover that getting them later on within the game is going to become challenging. When it reaches this point you might find yourself looking at purchasing in game currencies a lot more to be able to complete the tasks as fast.

Level 10 is also the same stage you'll need to reach before you fight it out in the Dragon Leagues. Up to this point you need to make sure that any Dragon City Hacks, cheats or tips you may know of be used to help you progress on the way.

To provide you a heads up, the Dragons fit in to wide variety of elements, each with an exclusive power of it's own.

They are the elements accessible in the game:

Pure - Legend - Flame - Sea - Nature - Electric - Ice - Metal - Terra - Dark - Light - War

Make certain you know about all the Dragon transformations offered in the game that may be viewed from the Dragon City's official site showing you all the various stages a Dragon can evolve through. Regardless which Dragon you ultimately choose they each will undergo the same evolution process of starting as an egg, changing into a teen Dragon until they reach complete maturity.

Their power, attacks come to be stronger and stronger while they undergo the levels.Once achieving level 10 your Dragons can enter in the Dragon League to combat enemy to earn freebies. You will discover few limits once you reach this stage, Dragons are just permitted to 3 fights per 6 hours which can be frustrating but as mentioned earlier you'll be able to use some of the Dragon City hacks, cheats or buy currency to avoid this wait.

Earning as much gems as possible has several benefits, among which is the buying of legendary Dragons to fight with.

Game play in Dragon City will direct you through the basics and is simple enough to follow through with and you will quickly realize your self mastering your journey and completing your "Dragon Book" using dragoncityhackz, Cheats and Tips to earn your way through.

Dragon City has many cheats, tricks and tips to help you and has grown to be a favourite amongst the users of Facebook

Dragon City Earning Free Money, Gems & Gold


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