Effectively Utilizing Facebook for Business

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Since its inception in 2004 Facebook has journeyed long and far and along the way, deemed itself the world's most popular social networking site. A title rightfully gained through its 1 billion+ users. Over the years not only has Facebook become an ideal and powerful tool to connect with friends and family, it has also developed into one of the best platforms for businesses to market themselves online. With due thanks to Facebook, businesses now find themselves easily a click away from a billion potential customers. However, to convert those individuals from "potential" to "definite" consumers it is essential that businesses learn how to effectively use Facebook for the purposes of self promotion and marketing.

First and foremost before forming a Facebook page it is necessary for a business to clearly comprehend what they're online (Facebook) marketing strategy is (i.e: do they wish to direct more traffic to the company website through adds where consumers can make online purchases, do they simply seek to inform customers and keep them updated on business activities to gain more likes and popularity, or is it a combination of both?). Once the business has identified what they seek to achieve the step that follows is familiarizing themselves with the code of conduct and rules and regulations enforced by Facebook so as to ensure no unnecessary hindrances will befall the enterprise in the long run. Once the terms and conditions have been read and agreed upon the business can then proceed to the actual creation of the page. In this step of the process the creators/administrators of the page must take care to complete the profile. All information asked for must be provided in a manner in which when consumers simply browse through the page they receive a clear understanding as to what the company is about, what are the products and services on offer, and more over why it is that they should purchase goods from that particular business. Unlike in traditional marketing methods Facebook allows businesses to share a greater amount of information which they can and must utilize appropriately. This will be the company's first step to building credibility and establishing identity.

Once the profile has been created it is vital that regular updates and posts are shared and that the business truly makes an effort to connect with its customers on a personal level. It is best if the business can set specific daily, weekly and monthly goals regarding their posts so that consistency is assured. The content of the page must be decided according to the online marketing strategy and objectives that were earlier established and it must also be focused on the business's target audience. This requires close analysis. The company must study and recognize the nature of its customer base; they're purchasing habits, the times they are most active online, the content they view and the content they disregard etc. This is a task that can be easily achieved through the use of Facebook's analytics feature available for business pages. Each of these aspects allows organizations to identify what it is that they're consumers "want". The better their insight regarding the mentioned the better business decisions and investments they are able to make which in simple makes Facebook marketing the cheapest and most lucrative form of market analysis.

Unlike in traditional methods of marketing the use of online platforms such as Facebook allows business to directly engage with customers in two way communications. This is an aspect that truly impacts a business in a positive manner. When consumers are given the opportunity to converse with the business it enables them to share their opinions, ideas and other feedback that may greatly aid the organization to better themselves, which will consequently indefinitely prove to be lucrative for the enterprise. Moreover it builds a relationship based on trust between the two parties. This is a key element that is always significant to consumers. It is what induces them to make purchases. Further, on sites such as Facebook consumers are able to view what other individuals are expressing about the businesses products and services and more often than not they are most likely to believe said comments over the content the company is posting. If the comments being posted are positive in nature potential consumers are bound to experiment your product and more over they will promote the business through word of mouth which translates to being free highly effective marketing for the enterprise.

Last but not least Facebook also allows businesses a great opportunity to exhibit their superior customer skills. When consumers post on the wall of the page or comment on a post, a prompt, professional reply from the administrators leave customers feeling a sense of importance which is yet again a factor that plays a key role in compelling them to make purchases. What businesses must keep in mind when acting as an online presence on Facebook is that their Facebook page is merely an extension of the brand. Therefore, the professional image that they seek to promote must at all times be projected.

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