Electronic Transcript Exchange for Nigeria Providing Certificate Verification

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Published: 17th August 2015
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No one can wrongly seek credit for something he/she has not done, after the late advent of ETX-NG or the Electronic Transmit Exchange in Nigeria. The testimonials submitted by forthcoming employees can easily undergo verification by employers. The exchange maintains and verifies a free of cost database of all students who are studying in or have passed from various institutions and transfers the same to employers, though for a fee.

Why Verification is Important

Verification of prospective employees became important as some Nigerians were easily able to get bogus documents and certificates and started using them to secure jobs for themselves. These lawbreakers stated that they were not able to get jobs in time, as institutions were not following a time schedule to deliver the necessary certificates.
The Electronic Transcript Exchange, Nigeria is a blessing for students, educational institutions as well as employers. Those who want to employ new talent can use the massive database of the exchange and verify their academic qualifications that are now only a click away. The students, alumni, educational institutes like polytechnics and universities as well as the corporate world can easily access this platform.

Certification Verification for Corporate Bodies

Regular users of the exchange are able to get access to degrees and certificates that educational institutions and universities located within or outside Nigeria issued, and thus get ample proof of authenticity of a student's attendance and degrees.
Many employers in Nigeria, now conscious about the need to check the true validity of their workforce are making use of the "CertVerify" service of the exchange to substantiate the degree and certificates of an employee.

Professional Certification Verification

The exchange has entered into sound agreements with professional bodies to check the true authenticity of professional degrees provided by employees just as it verifies local and international degrees that enables the employers to decide on fixing pay package as well as promotion of future employees.

The transcript facility has also linked up with local and international professional organizations that help to verify the professional credentials of people.

The New Trend

No university or business house would like to have on its rolls employees who are carrying fake degrees and therefore do not hesitate to get the help of the exchange to authenticate the certificates provided by their prospective employees. It has in fact, become very useful to filter the large number of applications for a job. This offers a great help in improving the real quality of their workforce.
Use of "CertVerify" from ETX-NG lets employers check out the claims made by applicants quickly and easily with the minimum of expense required.

One can now use "CertVerify" to confirm degrees and certificates of institutions of higher education, located not just in Nigeria or Africa but also across the globe. This service has a cost friendly interface and also takes care of errors that may occur due to fraudulent practices in educational matters

Benefits of the exchange for Certificate Verification

1. Professional Certification services free of cost.
2. There is no risk of false declarations by prospective employees; leading to scam avoidance
3. Professional talent and skills easily available and using the best available practices you can obtain a quick check of degrees.
4. There is an improvement in services provided to employees through these efficiently done jobs.
5. It increases income while being cost effective.
6. It improves professional credibility and gives it protection.
7. There is an improvement in services with extensive participation.
8. There is transparency in the credentials and services.
9. There is complete privacy and security of all information.
10. It combines employee verification and credential management.


It is a one of a kind fully expert offer because:
It is relevant because the solution it offers is beneficial for the present requirements of the organization.
It is professional because it uses the right software that matches excellent industry standards.
It is practical because local support allows for delivery in its entirety.
It is realistic because it follows a timeframe
It is holistic and future proof because it is adaptable to the fast changing business world.

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