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Published: 06th February 2017
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Hewi elektro AS was started in 1995 by Arne Espegard, under the name Automatikern.
After several major projects so we need to establish a corporation.
From 01.01.2000 the firm was converted into a limited company and changed its name to A.Espegard electro AS.
After Arne for years has run the firm, it's now his sons Henry and Wilhelm who has taken over the daily operations.
The company changed its name on 1 July 2015 at Hewi electro AS.
Arne is still installer in the firm and has the professional responsibility.

Since inception of the company in 1995 we have delivered electrician services to private householders.
We therefore have extensive experience of rehabilitation and new installations in homes, buildings and apartments.
We are members of trade Nelfo and electrician collaborated fuse so that we are well prepared for most tasks.
In all the years we have delivered quality work at good prices. The materials we use are of known suppliers for electrical markets and we deliver only approved and recognized brands.

Requirements for electrical installations has changed a lot in recent years and will probably change in the future.
We ensure to be updated by initiating our employees and to closely monitor market developments so that we can assist our customers in the best possible way.
Do you have an urgent need for an electrician, please contact one of us. We show up at all hours!
When a call-outs outside working hours, so will attendance rate be kr.3500, - incl. VAT.
We charge for each hour incl. applicable overtime rates as of we go to work, and even we are back at the departure point.
All customers calling our duty scheme will be credit checked before we sally forth.
For our regular customers are subject to special agreements.

We hire electricians to electrical work offshore.
We have competent employees with required courses and experience from working offshore. We have cooperated with MHWirth the installation of new sekkekuttere and installation of new mudd- system of great satisfaction for our customers.
We have provided services to the public for 20 years.
We performed in 1999-2000 job of replacing emergency power plant at Drammen hospital.
From 2007 we have cooperated with Elektrik solutions for installation of sound, light and image at theaters throughout Norway.
We are adaptable and are accustomed to finding good and smart solutions together with our customers.

In 12 years between 2000 and 2012, we delivered electrician services for Buskerud County and then mainly to the high schools.
In 2012 these services advertised on the tender, which led to others took over these services.

We have 40 years experience in supplying electrical services within the industrial sectors.
Our employees have good experience in finding solutions and solving problems together with our customers.
We place great emphasis on delivering a product that responds to customer expectations and ensuring that manufacturing and other key features have minimum downtime.
A large part of our business goes for our regular customers within the manufacturing industry.
We have for years participated in domestic duty system for manufacturing companies with limited continuous production.

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