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Published: 06th February 2017
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There are new movies being released every day, of all kinds - action, thrillers, spy movies, comedies, and horror movies. It's tough to watch movies these days especially on weekdays due to work commitments. To entertain ourselves during the week, we can now watch the world's funniest videos. These videos provide a completely relaxed entertainment for free. One just has to log on to access funny videos. As these videos are of short duration, one can take a short break from work or watch these at home after or before dinner, without having to have a late night during the week, and go to office the next day refreshed.

Funny commercials

Funny commercials are a fun way to pass the time. It's a great way for advertisers to get their message across to people. Some funny advertisements are so hilarious that they go viral on the net and also win a lot of professional accolades. They are ingenious and the thought process behind each of these ads goes to show the intelligence and the high level of research that goes into the making of such funny commercials which can even be classed as the world's funniest videos.

Prank videos

Prank videos are a whole new world of entertainment. These videos make fun of all and sundry. The gullible victims are unaware that their funny reactions have been recorded to form hilarious prank videos. We love to laugh at the fear and discomfort of our fellow beings, safely ensconced in our comfortable couches. These videos can be of many different kinds, office pranks, pranks in public places, hilarious pranks, baby pranks, epic fail compilations and many others.

Pranks in public places

Pranksters make the most of tiny cameras to click the most hilarious prank videos in public places. There are thousands of such videos which take the advantage of visitors in a marketplace or shopping complex to set up their pranks. An unsuspecting person falls right into their clutches and the fun begins. They have no clue that they are being set up for a prank. This makes the prank videos so much fun to watch, because the victims are taken totally unawares. Their original reactions are a treat to watch. Some people are surprised, some are shocked and some are irritated. But it's heartening to see the sporting way which almost all victims accept that they have been fooled. But sometimes, once in a while, the pranks backfire and the pranksters are the receiving end, especially of disgruntled girlfriends who are scared out of their wits. There are also hidden cameras in toilets, the last place where one would expect to be pranked. But there is nothing known as out of bounds for people who decide on a prank. Any place and any location and any occasion is good fodder for them. Sometimes they go to any lengths to play a prank on someone.

The long and the short of it is, that one can watch funny videos and funny prank videos whenever one wants to and choose one's favorites from the huge collection of videos available.

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