Epic Dungeon Need to Make Team In wow 6.2

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Today we summered the wow twitter of June 7, and found there are many changes in the 6.2 version and future world of warcraft. It covers the PVP, PVE,fortress,occupation and so on. Like the epic copy need to make a team enter. Now let us together see the detail changes. By the way, there are cheap wow gears provided on our site, feel free to check with it.

Q: Hi, where are the PVP universal equipment in testing service (similar to working spear kind)?
A: These equipment are from the Ashland governing Zhou Chang, and ratings victory.
Q: Can we take 1 form Ashe LAN very week, and then take 1 in the battlefield, a total of 2?
A: Yes, you can. The new insurance box will reward the conquest level equipment, but no prestige restrictions.

Q: Even the demon's model has been updated, where is the good quail?
A: Our design group really wanted to do, but now there is no correct news despite of the list.

Q: Can let warlock use old model?
A: No, the new model should be visually preserved the old version demon feature, but higher resolution.

Q: Is the epic copy the system of random group? Don't remember where to see.
A: It need to make a team enter, like challenge mode, but CD is in accordance with the method of the mission.
Q: Will personal pick up be applied to the MOP and the disaster after change? Is there a hope to adjust for the old random group of 10/25 human model?
A: This patch did not. In the future we will make this easier than random inheritance of single brush.

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Q: Can the jukebox of tribal fortress be repaired? The music is always automatically reset to the initial fortress music after the choice of music.
A: you can! You can now play in the jukebox, repeat construction can be more than 1 times - when playing back playing.
Q: Can you improve the upper bound of the followers in 6.2?
A: Now there is no arrangements for improving the upper bound of the followers, the design is trend more to smaller and return players.

Q: What are your attitudes towards the neutral city? I think their role is more strong than you think.
A: I like the city of Dalaran and neutral, Shatas is my most loved stronghold.
Q: Why there is no real world content for the hair and the result just is a small update?
A: Whatever, the reason is not that we need to sit down and rest.

Whatever change in the near future, we can see that wow official have been working hard to make wow more exciting. We will update more wow information for you, please keep patient to wait and remember our site when you need to buy wow items.

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