Erectile Dysfunction And Its Remedy

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to have or sustain an erection long enough to have a meaningful sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction tends to occur gradually until the night time or early morning erections cease altogether or are so flaccid that successful intercourse does not occur. The chance of having problems with erection increases as men age.
Erectile dysfunction is a highly common problem. It affects millions of men every year. Ten to 20 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction to some degree. This is due to damage to nerves that supply the skin and blood vessels of the penis. Diabetes and long-term heavy alcohol use can also damage the nerves' ability to send signals. Many conditions can interfere with these signals, causing erectile dysfunction.
A man suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol is more likely that he has a physical disruption of blood flow to his penis."Hormonal causes of erectile dysfunctions include elevated prolactin levels, testicular failure, pituitary dysfunction, or abnormal thyroid. These disorders may typically cause a decreased libido.
The most common cause of erectile dysfunction in patients older than 50 is vascular disease. Research indicates that between 39 and 82 percent of men with vascular impotence -- erectile dysfunction stemming from reduced blood flow to the penis -- are smokers. This condition stems from smoke-related damage to the blood vessels supplying the penis. Chemical compounds in smoke alter levels of the hormones and enzymes that regulate sperm count as well as the shape and mobility of sperm. Smoking can also reduce male fertility. In reality, every puff nudges you closer to impotence and infertility.
The most effective treatment depends on the cause of the erectile dysfunction. The evaluation typically includes a detailed history and physical examination, serum testosterone and prolactin levels, and a medication review. Nocturnal penile tumescence testing, vascular testing, neurologic testing, and psychological testing can help determine the exact cause. Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, reducing stress and strengthening relationships may improve erectile function. Adjusting regularly used medications and identifying and treating certain medical conditions may also improve erectile function. Pills to aid erectile ability, vacuum devices, and medication placed in the penis are additional treatment options available.
In the area of Erectile Dysfunction, microsurgery can be employed to bypass blood vessels in the penis that may have been damaged by an injury to this area. In young men, these tiny vessels can be injured by blunt trauma to the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus. In selected cases, microsurgical penile revascularization can reverse the erectile dysfunction that sometimes ensues.
Many naturally occurring Herbs could be quite helpful if used in conjunction with a properly designed Hormonal and Nutritional Correction Program. One of the methods to naturally correct Erectile Dysfunction would be, to correct the Nutritional and Hormonal Imbalance of the body.
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