ETX-NG - Technology Platform and Certificate Verification System in Nigeria

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Published: 17th August 2015
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Electronic Transcript Exchange for Nigeria, abbreviated as ETX-NG, powered by Darrell Hill Limited, is an electronic transcript exchange and a certificate verification system. True to its name, it works as an electronic clearinghouse for transcripts, having an integrated system for authentication of certificates. Educational institutes including polytechnics, colleges and universities within and outside Nigeria can now transmit and receive records from each other and offer verification of certificates and testimonials to companies and its associate members in a safe and reliable manner.

Their vision

Their vision is to achieve the level of the foremost transcript exchange, equipped to present computerized certificate verification services not only in Nigeria and Africa, but also all over the world.
Directors of the exchange

Here is the list of the board of directors of the exchange:

Mr. Obomighie, a graduate of Computer Sciences is also the founder of Darrell Hill.
Omamegbe Oshomah - Deputy Managing Director, Exchange Growth
Mr. Omamegbe, an accounting graduate of 1977 from the University of Benin, is a well-experienced all-rounder, entrusted with managing relationships and marketing growth.
Pavai Lorand - Director, Exchange Technology
Mr. Lorand is a capable professional in designing, organizing and execution of software products and is responsible for ensuring the easy availability of expertise at the transcript exchange.

Services Offered

Universities and educational institutes of Nigeria will greatly benefit from the exchange that will provide support in making available authentic educational records of students and alumni as it will substantially reduce their workload and expenses. It will simultaneously improve their efficiency and the level of services offered to alumni, present students and companies.

Transcript Services for Tertiary Institutions

The Electronic Transcript Exchange facilitates polytechnics, colleges, universities and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria electronically to exchange transcripts with associate members and agencies, using the secured network provided by them.

Students and alumni can request for and get their authenticated testimonials. The transcript exchange offers this facility to students free of charge and they can ask for their testimonials from any part of the world. This facility is available 24x7.
Alumni and students can also access their academic records from any tertiary institution of Nigeria that may not yet be associated with the exchange's network.
They have dedicated team of representatives that covers all affiliated tertiary institutions for chasing your requirements with the staff of concerned polytechnic, school or university.
Benefits of electronic transcript Exchange
ETX-NG allows all educational bodies to derive benefits of latest technology.
They are the primary electronic transcript exchange functioning in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, offering to deliver transcripts electronically to tertiary institutions located within or outside Nigeria.
They are capable of authenticating degrees and professional credentials collected in the USA, UK and the rest of European countries, Asia, Australia and Africa.
They have the approval and support of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
With its operation started in July 2013, the exchange plans to offer the benefits of technology and employ the same efficiently in the field of education that Nigeria has not known so far.
Incorporation of Adobe CDS digitally signed PDFs makes ETX-NG the only source for receiving and delivering electronic transcripts to and from Nigeria.

The Objective

The objective of ETX-NG is to design and offer one central transcript exchange for Nigerian educational institutes. The service, apart from being of great help to alumni and students, who can now order their transcripts online, will also help in considerably reducing the expense workload of registrars by offering verification of testimonials without sacrificing the secrecy of transcripts in its possession, in strict compliance with global security standards.

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