Everything You Wanted to Know About Forklift Certification in Nevada

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Published: 17th August 2015
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If you are looking for information on how you can earn your forklift certification in Nevada, then you have come to the right place. This article will help answer many questions that you might have about the process.

You go about earning your certificate by attending a class. There are two types of classes that you can find - online and traditional. Traditional classes are held on a campus, either at a school devoted to forklift training or at a trade school or community college. Online classes can be found on the Internet, and you set the schedule.

In your class, you will learn how to safely operate this heavy piece of machinery. They will go over rules and principles as researched by OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is in charge of encouraging businesses to keep their employees safe, and they found that the best way to keep operators safe is to train them so that they make fewer mistakes. Mistakes are not the cause of every accident, but many accidents are caused by one or more mistakes. You will prove your knowledge by filling out a written exam and by performing a driving test. Traditional classes provide you with the means to take the driving test right there, but for online classes you will need your employer to administer the driving test.

The amount of time that you will spend studying depends mainly on the type of class you choose. Traditional classes have a set schedule that they must meet, and the time spent in class is generally about six hours. Online classes provide you with the material, which you can study at your own pace. Some people can complete the course in the matter of an hour or two, but it is ultimately up to you just how much time you spend studying. Of course, with online classes you also have the option of picking the time and place that you study, so you can work on things whenever it is best for you.

Your school will mail you a wallet sized version of your forklift certification in Nevada if you pass. If you choose an online course, then they may also send you an electronic version of your certificate, which you can save and print for your records.

Your certificate will be valid for three years. The only exceptions are if you are found driving irresponsibly or if you are in an accident. When your license is no longer valid, it is time to sign up for another course so that you can renew it. The longer you stay with an operating job, the more money you can potentially make. Experience speaks volumes.

Your license is good all over the United States, and even our neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico, will recognize the validity of your certificate. This is helpful if you want to move or if you are having difficulty finding suitable jobs in your area.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to get your license is to please your boss. If you are founding operating a forklift without your license, it reflects poorly on your boss and OSHA will fine him for it if they find out. These fines range in severity, but they start in the thousands. With the ability to issue multiple fines if multiple infractions are found, OSHA can quickly place a hefty financial burden on your employer. Of course, there are some ways to reduce these fines, like getting rid of the problems quickly. This could result in you losing your job if you are operating without your license.

It is not hard to earn your forklift certification in Nevada, so save yourself and your boss the hassle and just go get the thing. It's a decision that you definitely won't regret.

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