Exactly Why Grand Canyon Air Trips are the Best Way to Discover the National Park

Published: 24th July 2015
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Grand Canyon air flights are a fantastic way to experience the National Park. Options include helicopter and plane trips with Las Vegas and South Rim departures. Get the one that is best for you. Read this article.

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is pretty close to Vegas at only 120 miles away. The flight from the city to the canyon is just 30 minutes by plane and 45 minutes by helicopter.

Because Grand Canyon choppers and airplanes get to the Park so fast, they give Vegas-based travelers a great way to see this magnificent natural wonder and still have time to enjoy a night out on the town. What could be better when you're on vacation?

Helicopter Tours Out Of Vegas

You have two main choices for flights on Grand Canyon helicopters that fly out of Vegas: air-only (aerial) tours and landing flights. The air-only tours circle over the canyon and then return to Las Vegas, but the landing tours set down on top of the rim or on the canyon floor.

The helicopters that are based in Las Vegas only fly to the West Rim because the South Rim is out of their flight range. That's not all bad, because West Rim flights are the only ones that can land on the canyon bottom - it's not permitted at the South Rim. The landing tours are a lot of fun, which makes them very popular, therefore you want to book your tour well in advance.

One of the most popular landing tours is the one where you take a thrilling descent to the canyon floor and then get off the chopper and enjoy a fun Champagne lunch. A couple of upgrade options for these tours include VIP access to the glass Skywalk and a raft ride along the calm waters of the Colorado River.

You might really want to see the South Rim even though you're in Vegas, and that's okay because you can do so by flying there in a plane instead of a chopper. Instead of a 5-hour bus ride, a plane will get you there in an hour. The airplane package comes with a tour inside the Park on a bus that lasts about 2 1/2 hours. You can also upgrade to a package that includes a helicopter ride over the South Rim.

About Deluxe Tours

You can take a basic tour or the better deluxe tour. These are better because they also include a flyover of the Strip on the return flight, plus you are picked up at your hotel in a limo. It is exciting to look down on the big hotels and resorts in Vegas.

The deluxe tours fly you on EcoStar 130 aircraft which are the ultimate sightseeing helicopters. The cabin is a lot bigger, the seats are configured like those in theaters, and there's a front windshield that covers the entire front of the aircraft. All in all, an EcoStar 130 will give you a superior tour experience.

Touring The Canyon By Plane

You can take an airplane tour of the West Rim if you prefer and these follow the same flight path as the helicopters. You can even create packages that include things like a helicopter descent to the canyon floor and a raft ride on the river.

The following are three key differences that separate helicopter and airplane tours to Grand Canyon National Park:

1. Since planes hold more people (approximately three times as many as a helicopter) these tours don't sell out as fast as chopper tours.

2. The helicopters only take six people, so if your family or group is larger, you should choose an airplane tour since those aircraft hold nineteen passengers.

3. Plane flight cost less.

The Grand Canyon is close to Las Vegas, so when you visit the city, don't miss the chance to take a fun chopper or plane tour of the National Park. Keep in mind, Las Vegas choppers only go to the West Rim. To get to the South Rim from Vegas, you'll want to take the direct airplane flight. I always prefer landing tours over the air-only versions because they're more comprehensive. Also, don't forget to opt for a deluxe tour so you get some great perks that enhance your tour experience.


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