Exfoliating skin to get a revitalized glow

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Published: 08th May 2020
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We are living in a world full of glamour and show. Your first appearance is mostly your last impression. Whenever you meet someone, you skin is enough to let the other person know about your daily hygiene regime. A healthy and glowing skin gives the impression of a cheerful and positive attitude whereas if your skin is dull and dry, it shows your carelessness and lazy nature. So what is the mantra to get a revitalize and invigorated skin that can earn multiple appreciations for you from even the strangers?
Obviously, exfoliating your skin would be the natural answer. Although we bath daily, we clean ourselves and use multiple cosmetic products to look rejuvenate and young, still without exfoliating the skin, our cleaning routine is incomplete.

What is exfoliation?

After every 30 days, our body generates a new and glowing skin but the old and dead skin remains in our upper portion of body and the process through which these dead skin are replaced by the renewed skin is called exfoliation. In the market, you may find various medicated and cosmetic products, especially for exfoliation. You can go natural way to eradicate these dead skins from your body as well.
Essential items for exfoliating skin:
You need some specific items in your toiletry to do the exfoliation process like:
• Exfoliating scrub (cosmetic, medicated or organic as per your skin type), containing beads, salt, sugar, pits or any other substances suitable to your skin type. You can also buy the “Original Baiden Mitten” for the magical and younger effect.
• Clean water
• Loofa or a Pumice stone or a soft brush
• A mild cleanser
• A soft towel
• After cleaning a good and gentle moisturizer
Process for exfoliating your skin properly:
• The first and foremost step must be always to choose an exfoliating scrub that is suitable to your skin type. In the market, you can find different kind of exfoliating scrubs for different skin and age. You can also choose your grandma’s secret homemade scrub or the organic or natural scrubs available offline and online.

• Next step is to wet your body with clean and fresh water and apply the scrub to the areas that you need to exfoliate. The movement of your hand must be in a circular motion from inward to outward for at least 2 minutes while using an exfoliator. You can use Loofa or pumice stone or soft brush also to help to scrub your body gently and properly.

• Next step is to clean your body with the cleanser and then pat your whole skin with the soft towel. Do not ever rub your skin from the towel as it can make rashes in your skin.

• Then apply a suitable moisturizer to sooth your skin and feel the freshness and a new energy throughout your whole body with the inner and outer glow.

I also want to mention something I discovered recently. It is an ancient secret that our ancestors used to apply for younger skin in the Eastern part of the world. It is called the Baiden Mitten. It is one of the best exfoliators available nowadays. You can see the dead skin come off. I was amazed how my skin rejuvenated my skin very easily.

I wish you good luck finding the best exfoliator what works for your skin. Because you will feel wonderful after each skin exfoliation besides having glamorous, radiant, healthy skin that makes you look a lot younger

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