Expanding beyond work, eat, and pay the bills.

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Hello, Jez Feldmesser here.
I was inspired to write this article in order to help people breakthrough the barrier of a "work, eat, pay the bills" lifestyle and help them to expand their horizons.
Most people have become accustomed to the idea that they are "worth so-much an hour". That is, they value their work by a sum per hour basis.

This is all fine in itself and as the majority of the working world abides by this principle it is evidently a workable concept.
There is however a huge problem with this for many people and that is that it is extremely limiting.
If you want more money you have only two choices. 1. Work more hours or 2. Get paid more per hour.
Obviously choice 1. Is limited to 24 hours a day and even if you could work without eating or sleeping you’d never make it rich on a minimum wage job.

Ok, so that leaves choice 2. Which is to be paid more per hour. Well, there is at least a partial freedom available here, which is to become better trained, climb the ranks, become a boss of some people and thus command a higher wage per hour.

This is the way for a very large number of folks who get university degrees, higher schooling, apprenticeships and business training and so on, to increase their value to a company so have a higher pay.
There is a great drawback to this form for many people though, where there high-paying job is so intense and demanding they suffer under the pressure and spend a sizeable part of their pay just keeping in a state fit-for-work and not really enjoying the lifestyle that they worked so hard to achieve.

There is however a 3rd solution to the rat-race pay-per-hour scheme, and that is to get paid for your worth, over and over again for the same work, by hundreds or thousands of people.
We know this form in various guises like that of a musician, who makes a record and gets paid every time it’s played or down loaded, or the lucky author who writes one book and gets a lifetime of royalties.

These are possible, but not really very stable as a hit song can come and go, and a book can sell and then fade away.
That only leaves one real way out and that is a route of personal expansion.

One must find, if he or she is to enjoy life to any desirable extent, something that they really enjoy doing, their personal inner passion, and then somehow, anyhow, make that their way of exchanging with society for the wherewithal to live.

That process isn’t so easy, but it is possible.
Some people are luckier than others in that life brings them the opportunity to work in their passion and they are happy working and being paid for their passion.

For the rest of us a pathway is still available.

One gets a job, sufficient to eat and pay the bills, (perhaps like the one you’re in right now) and then gets to work on themselves harder and more intensely than anything they’ve ever done in order to create the opportunity to work your passion to be your life!

With the creation of the internet and the possibility to work from home, many people have found ways to augment their income while still looking after the children, or for a young person who may not have the highest paying of jobs to still find an avenue to pursue their passion for art for example and sell some creations via the web, or even digital versions in order to have a better lifestyle through a higher monthly income.

If you’re feeling that life isn’t giving you all that you hoped it might, then I would highly recommend that you take some time to consider the idea of using some or all of your talents to provide a product or service to people through the use of internet e-commerce and expand your income and thus enhance your lifestyle.

You can get paid for a simple service directly like answering surveys for example, or writing articles, or doing artworks for companies, and getting paid for each piece that you produce.

This is great and it allows you to explore the world of marketing your services online to a vast potentially worldwide audience.
A step up from this is to create a product, like a book or a series of trainings on a subject that you are particularly proficient in, and then packaging these up and selling them, in physical book, or cds or digitally as a download, or a membership site that only paid members can access.

Each of these methods puts to use the “work-once get paid multiple times” concept and thus leverages your potential for earnings way higher than the $10-per-hour concept.

I personally think that a great number of people are underpaid for their jobs, or at least worthy of a far higher remuneration if only they could expand and discover their true potential.

The path to personal expansion then, is the path to follow to a more valuable remuneration, and thus a lifestyle worth working for.
Of course, some people are quite happy coming home from a 12 hour shift to stuff some pizza, watch telly and crash out ready for another shift, but some of us aren’t so we do things differently….

I hope I have at least sparked some inspired thoughts for you, and I’d be really happy to see you on over at my blog for more information and lifestyle changing opportunities.


Flourish and Prosper!
Jez Feldmesser

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