Explore the Impeccable Charm of Taj Mahal, India!

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Published: 06th February 2017
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India is a land of diverse culture and traditions with a mixture of historical, religious and archaeological monuments that attract a large number of visitors from across the world. Almost all the monuments of the country have some kind of significance which connect them to its culture rich past. There are many sightseeing spots and attractions that brings India the fame of the most culturally diverse land. Red Fort, Gateway Of India, Humayun's Tomb, Mehrangarh Fort, Dal Lake, Jal Mahal, Rohtang Pass, Taj Mahal, etc. are the most popular and wonderful attractions that make it worth visiting once. Of all these attractions, Taj Mahal is one monument which is known as the Jewel of the nation and has been among the Seven Wonders of the World.
So, while you are planning to travel to India, do not forget to delve into the charisma of this symbol of love monument. Here are some facts about this amazing monument that will make you visit ASAP.
1. The monument is considered to be a symbol of love as it was built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in the memory of her beloved life, Mumtaz and it is believed that after their deaths, they got buried here. However, visitors get to see the equivalent tomb.
2. It took almost 20 years to build the Taj Mahal as the emperor wanted to make it a unique masterpiece whose copy cannot be made at any other place.
3. This alluring monument is 171 meters (561 feet) high.
4. Since the emperor wanted to make the monument as an extra-ordinary piece of architecture, the hands of all the labourers, painters, stonecutters and embroidery artists were cut so that nobody could appoint them again to build a duplicate copy of the monument.
5. Shah Jahan's other wives and even his favorite servant are buried in mausoleums just outside of the Taj Mahal.
6. Over 1,000 elephants were used to transport heavy materials and supplies for construction.
7. The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most symmetrical structures. Its four sides are perfectly identical, built using the principles of self-replication and symmetry in geometry and architecture, thus creating a mirrored image on either side.
8. The Taj Mahal changes its colors at different points of time in the day. , it assumes a shy pinkish hue, which turns to a glowing white as the day rolls on, and turns a burnished golden at night in the moonlight.
9. The Taj Mahal has a mosque in its premises, which is why the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays and only those going for customary prayers are permitted inside the Taj Mahal.
10. Despite being the creation of a Moghul king, the architecture of Taj Mahal was globally inspired. It's a fusion of Persian, Central Asian and Islamic architecture.
A trip to India is incomplete without witnessing the charm of this astonishing monument. So, pack up your bags, book a cheap flight to India and watch this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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