Exterior Specialists Tips on Exterior Painting

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Published: 18th June 2015
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Painting the exterior part of your home can help you prepare your home to be more presentable looking for future buyers. Exterior part of your home is the face of your home that is why painting it carefully and with elegance will provide you confidence in achieving the look that you wanted for the home. Exterior painting certainly not an easy task, most home owners are willing to grab a roller and paint and get their hands dirty. Exterior Specialist St Louis MO would provide you tips on exterior painting, for what you will need and what should you avoid.

Before you start painting the exterior of your home, make sure to have of plenty of equipments that would help you in your painting. You can buy, rent or borrow these equipments for the ease of your painting job. Here are the materials you need in exterior painting:

•Paint – there are different paints finishes and types available for different application. Make sure to select the right paint for your project.
•Scaffold – this is a temporary structure used to support people and material for construction, this material would provide you mobility when working at heights.
•Ladder – A ladder is essential particularly when working in heights
•Rollers – this is the best paint brush alternative that provide even and clean application of paint
•Paint Brushes – Paint brushes are used for areas that are unreachable by roller

Tips and Tricks of Exterior Painting
Exterior specialists are known for remodeling exterior parts of a home, they are knowledgeable about what type of paint would you need and what type of application needed in the paint job, to know more about getting professional results with your exterior painting, here are some tips provided by exterior specialists.

Proper Paint Color, Quantity and Qualities
Choosing exterior paint colors that would match the architectural details of your house and would fit the characters of the whole neighborhood is the essential way of having a great paint job. Check out different magazines to know different painting style essential for the design of your home. Also, you can look for brochures at paint stores with collection of colors, they have also specialist or designers on their staff that can help you choose colors.

Before buying gallons of paint for your home it is important to buy only a quart of each color you’ve chosen and paint the entire color scheme on a small area of your house before buying large amount of paints. If you don’t want the results, change the color and try again. It is also important to buy yourself best type of paint you can afford. Good-quality paint is easier to apply and last longer compared with cheap paints. Experts advise customers to buy paint with either eggshell or slight sheen finish. The paint is more fade resistant and easier to clean than flat paint.

Repairing and Sanding
Some surfaces of your exterior parts of your house may suffer damage from water, insects or sunlight damage, the material won’t last long even when you use giant amount of paint. Make sure to replace and repair any damages to wood sidings, stucco or other exterior wall materials before applying paint on the exterior walls. By doing this, it would assure you that you will do less maintenance in the future.
If you had a wall with old paint on it, make sure to smooth the rough edges of the old paint. Peel away the old paint and make sure to use a sand paper to smooth its edges. By doing this, the new paint coats the surface evenly. Electrical sander could make sanding easier for a job of this scale, a sander would make you work faster compared with manual sanding with your hand.

Spread Paint at Appropriate Rate
Paints perform optimally only when they are applied at a recommended spread rate, in the process, you may be tempted to pour some thinner in and soften on the paint. Try to avoid this to eliminate scarcity of paint and the paint would drip with too much paint applied on the wall. This could expose your home harmfully to the elements.

Paint In to a Wet Edge
One of the most important techniques in painting is maintaining its wet edge. Always try to brush or roll back into paint that’s still wet. The result will be a uniform, seamless-looking paint coat. Remember that it is harder to paint a large area, use natural breaks like door and window casting to divide large areas into manageable clusters. Complete each section without stopping or skipping.

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