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Published: 17th November 2014
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As one raised in the land of the hot and happening Mumbai, I love living in a world that’s becoming more and more social by the moment. Though I’m a thousand miles away from my hometown friends, we can connect on Facebook in an instant, anytime. When I am sky-diving in US, I can share a post or Instagram photo so others know about it. A favorite recipe from a magazine? Straight to Pinterest to be shared around the globe through pins and repins.
Of all the forms of “social” that make my world a little happier, however, none succeeds better than social shopping! Why drudge along in the sweltering heat of over 45 degree Celsius?? When you can shop socially via Facebook from the air-conditioned confines of your home or office.

Many online shopping sites have Facebook accounts. It’s a strategy to display their latest products and get their products noticed socially. Simple technique is to like this site…so you keep getting news feed of all the latest products and you are also updated about the latest bargains and deals these sites are offering…so social shopping gets the products to you…right in your Gmail or Facebook account. Rather than the other way of you going on a product hunt all over the town!! Aarghh!

Monsoon Must haves …
It has not started raining, yet it's no reason to be not prepared when it pours. Here's what you must never leave home without in the monsoon time...

Cool Umbrella/Thin Raincoat: - It goes without saying; an Umbrella is the first thing you should invest in when the monsoon begins. Go for the jazzy, one with floral designs or the black ones for the men; obviously something that suits your personality. They are extremely affordable but if you are the ones who are the umbrella haters; you can invest in a thin raincoat which can be easily stuffed into a bag. There are different shades in which they can be bought. So use it as a fashion accessory and be safe from the rains too.

Capri: - A comfortable pair of Capri is a must for the monsoon season. If you could manage shorts, then it is even better. The level of water which rises on the streets of the city is unpredictable. So if you don't want to dirty your lowers then the best option is to not take a chance with full length trousers or jeans!

Jewelry holders: - Protect your precious jewellery this season with jewellery boxes and cases. It’s a delight that your jewellery gets bit pampering and protection with these cases.

Digital Accessories: - Your busy world with high-end tablets need a protection this monsoon with the Tablet covers and pouches.

Rainy Shoes/Floaters: - Floaters are a must if you do not want muck all over your outfit in the rains. They go well with jeans, kurtis, salwar suits and everything possible. With these, even when you have to wade your way out of the water, you can do that without dirtying your favorite pair of shoes. With online sites full of chappals in all different colours and styles, you can wear different ones every single day. In case you can't wear these to office, you can just wear them while travelling and once you reach office, you can change into a pair of office shoes.

Bag: - There are a lot of bags available online. If you are coming back from your office, college, school or any other place, you would not want to lose all your precious documents, cards or books. So a trendy Laptop bag will surely protect your valuable laptop this season. A travel Bag, a companion is a must have in this wet season.

Watch: - One day in the rains and your favorite watch is not working??Don’t commit the mistake again; make sure you get a waterproof watch. Men and women both have a plethora of options to shop from in this category.

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