Fallout 3 Game Review

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Published: 17th August 2015
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Fallout 3 is a unique game. The enormous freedom you come in few games against and the setting for the general public new. The combat system is great, the story captivates and you really feel that you experience your own adventure. Also on the visual level the game can compete with the greats, notably the vast world impresses. A 10 - is the perfect figure for such a fantastic game!

Two and a half years ago, scored the fantastic Oblivion at GameSpot a 10 - . The enormous world and the freedom it brought were seen as milestones and still I have not seen everything in the game. The chance of me ever succeed is nil. Fallout 3 is because of the makers and the freedom you get in this world is probably even greater.

Fallout 3 is the third volume in the series, but the first two do not have to have eaten. No cheese Fallout fans of the first hour might look askance at the third part and have the game in advance already condemned, because it dishes out a large 3D world and focuses more on the action. Fans of action games will be there to pick up their shoulders and they are right. People who previously thought everything should be better just keep gaming on their Commodore and their nine-inch screen. Delicious The rest goes along with the progress and comes after growing up in Vault 101 up in the post-apocalyptic world.

The main story is about finding your father. After a carefree life in Vault 101, designed as protection against the apocalypse, the man decides to leave. Vault on a good day The Overseer, the boss of the Vault, is furious and tries to take a bullet to hunt. Revenge through your head There is nothing else than to escape and go in their pursuit. Dad At the time, however, you will hear the Vault are close behind you, you can forget the main story. The world of Fallout 3 is so huge and it's up to you how you deal with that world.

A good example of freedom can be found right in the town of Megaton, where a large nuclear bomb believers worshiped by a group. The sheriff asks whether you make while black person in the pub rather see you blow him up. Maybe you know the bomb harmless The choice you make here is at once a major. You make him harmless, the sheriff gives you an empty house, and it is possible to complete. Huge quest lines You blow it up, you will be richly rewarded, but the town is gone forever. And then there's the third alternative: you liked the dark man to the sheriff.

There is not fixed in advance how to complete a quest and that is admirable. Sometimes you have to try to convince someone of your good will and ensure that they return to their home village. Here is the diplomatic way the most obvious, but there is also the option to equal head off to pop, to rob his belongings and return to the village with the message that the best man did not want to go back to back come.

Due to the vastness of the world it is possible to for hours on an adventure to go. You come from small villages, enemy camps and sewers teeming with beasts. One thing is certain in advance: everywhere is what to pick. Whether bullets in ammunition crates or weapons that the deceased Raiders drop everything can be taken to sell. In Fallout 3, the player everything he does rewarded. Which rewards come in the form of money, new weapons and experience points.

The level system is fortunately different from Oblivion. I went into my play session the first six hours every door lock picking and stealing all assets, with the result that I levels went up while sleeping. A master thief I was, but once I got into the wide world, I was slain with a single blow. In Fallout 3 is a more traditional experience system chosen. With all that you do (the successful opening closed doors to the killing of enemies) are experience points gained. If you are tired, you go one level up and it is possible to have some skill points to distribute. about your attributes There are about twenty, so everyone creates their own character. I myself am a person with high skill of lock picking , talented people and persuaded the master in dealing with melee and energy weapons. Of computers and small pistols I do not understand a word, and therefore I play differently than I would if I had a sneaky whiz.

In addition to distributing skill points you get when go up in level is also the possibility of a perk to purchase. See the perks but if the super specialties of your character. They really make the difference. Because you're only twenty times in level up, and there are dozens of really perks are, you really need to think carefully how you spend them. Moreover, the perks a good reason to spend the game. upon completion (probably until the end of 2009) again, but in a completely different way My perks focus on the good nature of my character, make sure that I empty boxes takes a lot of extra objects and let the enemies in a scandalous manner hard blow apart. When you play the game for a second time, then you would do well to make. Different decisions All important actions you get Karma (good or bad) and that has an effect on how people look at you and if there are people who actively help you in your quest. You also have a dump somewhere where you can find the dog Dogmeat, and which you can then build on it. A beautiful tie

Fallout 3 is a real 18 + game, you will not be surprised to look like the head of the opponent is knocked off at the end of a fight. The same can happen with the limbs, especially when you are using the so-called VATS system (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System). With that system clearly shows that Fallout 3 is a real RPG. The time is still put to activate VATS, then it is possible to determine which of the various body parts you want to hit the opponent and how often you want. The frequency is associated with your action. In a large weapon like a sniper rifle single action will consume valuable family nearly two-thirds of your action, while a gun can be. almost six times fired Close up on the head aiming guarantees a gory spectacle in which the head a few feet of the hull is launched.

The VATS system works really fast and is easy to use. That should be, because the opponents in Fallout 3 move so fast that it is almost impossible to have one in the real-time action headshot make. The enemies are not stupid stationary but will keep moving and try to come to produce. Much damage as possible as close to you Each enemy is an obstacle in itself and defeating the enemy is satisfying. Especially when you enter the more remote areas, you will find that the opponents to the tooth to be armed and get ready for some exciting, satisfying combat.

The weapons you have at your disposal is thereby greatly. As I said, I mostly use my energy weapons, but also with my homemade Shishkebab (a kind of flaming stick, which puts enemies on fire) I know how to sow death and destruction. In addition, there bazookas, sniper rifles , pistols, machine guns, mines, grenades and of course the Fatman. This shoot small nuclear bombs, which pretty much kills any enemy with a terrible blow. Please note that your every so often repaired your weapons. As a result, they keep doing it and functioning weapons cause more damage. The same goes for your armor. You start with a Vault Tech-pack, but after playing a few hours banjer you in a steel suit the environment around.

The environment is impressive. If we look at the details of stones lying on the ground, then it is not very exciting. It is in this game to greatness. It is wonderful to see how monuments of Washington DC are in ruins, and I also enjoy the draw distance , which is really incredible. The facial expressions of the people you meet are called, although you'll see that it runs on the Oblivion engine neatly.

There is no reason not to get this game at home but is not perfect. He As a critical reviewer I should just say that the game suffers from some flaws Oblivion. People often say the same as you encounter them, and the main storyline is not too long. Within twenty hours are you easily through it, but the flap turd who thinks you are then "finished" with Fallout 3, do not get it at all.

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