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Published: 31st October 2014
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Farmer100ís hard working Word of Warcraft farmers are always able to produce the fast wow gold, complete the difficult quests and get successfully upgrade. How did they do it? They have their own special way to complete such complicated quests. Now we will tell our farmer100 user, thank you for supporting us.

Quest -The Thunder Forge
Wrathion asks you to meet him on the Isle of Thunder by the thunder forge after you speak to him in the veiled stair. You speak to him in his whelpling form to start the solo scenario.

In the Scenario you have to defend Wrathion while he charges up the thunder forge, you have some shado-pan guys helping you out. There are a few waves and the last wave has a 10m+ hp mogu.During this there will be blue lightning balls appearing at certain areas and it is marked with an arrow, you go pick it up and you get a buff that increases your damage and healing.

Once you do this part you get to enter the forge itself where Wrathion summons a celestial blacksmith to start charging the anvils to temper the lance. You have to defend the blacksmith from sha monsters during this and you have a celestial defender helping you out. There are multiple anvils and once each one is charged you can click them to deal aoe damage. There are also green pillars of light that appear which you can stand in to heal.

After all the anvils are charged, Wrathion does a massive aoe and thinks it is over but instead summons a sha boss with 30m+ hp.When the sha boss gets low the lance becomes clickable. Click it and use your special action button to kill the boss and the scenario is done and you receive the lightning lance for the next quest.
Here is a quick guide to the scenario including a video that shows you what to expect:

The first part of the last stage:

All you have to do is defend the Blacksmith. Best tactic is to get instant aggro on all the little Shas and nuke the big one. If you get overwhelmed, click on an anvil that is overcharged. You can kite em, stun em.... it's not hard.

Second part is where it becomes tricky.

You still have the anvils that help you, but you can use each only ONCE. What I found out: only use them on when the big Sha casts "Insanity". It's a very long spell that you can't interrupt and it will wipe you if you let it cast it.

With you is the Celestial Defender that keeps hacking away at the Sha. He gets banished from time to time. That's your cue to run away. Just kite the big Sha until the Defender gets out of banish again (doesn't take too long).

There's also green beams, standing in them will heal you and they will also heal the Defender. I had a bit of a problem with those beams, because whenever I stood in them, they despawned (maybe I was just unlucky).

What can and will probably happen is that the defender becomes critically injured. Don't wipe it, because you think you can't finish it alone (it's what I did the first tries). The defender will heal up again and start fighting. Just continue to kite the Sha and use the anvil in case it casts Insanity.

It also does some sort of "Sha Rain". Stop casting and immediately start to move. Don't stop to try and cast, keep on running. You can use some instant casts, but don't stop moving. It will show you with light patches on the ground where the "drop" will land. Now a warning: those things also do splash damage. So make sure to not stand directly next to one.

Finally the Sha also casts a Shadow Crash that does splash damage.

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