Fashion Design as a Career

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing, accessories and footwear. If you have a passion for color, texture, pattern and materials, Fashion designing's a career option for you. Fashion is no more a luxury but the need of the hour in all aspects of life. If you possess a creative bent with flair to make people look good, you could pursue a career in fashion.

Over the past few years the scope of work for a fashion designer has increased tremendously. You may choose to practice on your own, assist a senior designer or explore the world of retail or exports. WLCI offers comprehensive programmes in fashion technology that allows the student to work on his/her skills, master drawing and design processes and provides the required exposure to the industry.
As a fashion designer you would be required to

  • produce concepts

  • make sketches by hand or on the computer

  • develop patterns

  • oversee production

  • experiment with materials and textures

  • analyze trends in fabrics, colors and shapes

  • develop collection for brands

  • source materials and garments for a brand

  • Fashion designers have the dual advantage of quenching one’s creative thirst and also have a lucrative career. It offers glamour, fame and success to a well trained fashion professional. An individual passionate to experiment, express and visualize using fabrics, materials and colors can select from several options depending on their skills and areas of interest.

    Is fashion design a career for me?
    The fashion industry expects the designer to be equipped with a sense of design and management skills. An understanding of the latest trends as well as in-depth knowledge of history and styles will help a designer develop their collection that isoriginal and unique. Some of the skills that students of fashion should acquire while studying are:

  • strong drawing skills

  • creative thinking and design process

  • material exploration

  • understanding of color, texture and patterns

  • attention to detail

  • If you like to accentuate someone with clothing and accessories, Fashion designing would be an ideal career for you. You would need to develop a love for trying different combination with colors and material as well as experimenting with cuts, styles and trends.

    You would need to be abreast with the latest styles, colors and material. Regular visits to top designer stores, browsing through international collections will be required for you to be respected as a part of your industry.

    As a part of your career you would need to acquireknowledge and experience of tailoring (cutting, draping, sewing etc.) and be able to tell the difference between different fabric quality levels. You would need to understand patterns, embroidery and other techniques that enhance your design.

    About WLCI: The WLCI Fashion School is a premier fashion institute in India. It imparts professional training in the field of Fashion Technology through various programs for those who aspire to enter the Apparel Industry. We prepare our students for job opportunities in buying houses, export houses, garment manufacturing companies and the merchandising, retail, designing and client servicing sectors.

    WLCI is currently training over 1000 budding fashion professionals with over 12 colleges across India.

    WLCI School of Fashion technology is the top fashion designing institutes in India. This Fashion designing institute offers BA degree in fashion design, fashion marketing courses. The WLCI School of Fashion Technology offers professional courses in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

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