Fathead Minnows and Fishing Lakes

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Published: 06th February 2017
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What are fathead minnows? Fathead minnows are food for bigger fish. They are not a fish that fisherman actually want to catch. Bass, a popular sport fish, eat fathead minnows. The minnows are called forage food. When a new pond is being stocked, if fathead minnows are entered into the waters early on, when the bass are young, by the time the bass are larger, they have a food source. These minnows grow to a size of 1.5 3.5 inches. Thus, they remain small enough to continue to provide food for the bass, they never grow so large that the bass cannot feed on them.

Fathead minnows may also be called blackhead minnows. This is because when they are spawning, the males turn dark around their heads. They may also develop knobs on their snouts and chins. These knobs are used to create a nesting area. They can also be used to push unwanted visitors from the place where the young hatch.

When using fathead minnows for stocking, they can be entered at a rate of 300-500 minnows per surface acre. To really do the job correctly, it is best to contact a professional. Your local lake management expert can give specialized advice for your lake or resort and your current objectives for it. If minnows are introduced one growing season before the bass, that gives them a chance to grow and reproduce. Or, if they are stocked with young bass fingerlings, it gives them a chance to grow with the bass. However, if they are entered with full grown bass, they will likely all be eaten quickly. You have to think about these factors before purchasing and dumping a quantity of the minnows in your waters.

If you want fathead minnows to spawn, there are some things to consider. What is the ratio of females to males? How conducive is the area for the spawning of these minnows? What size are the minnows in relation to other fish? While you can try to figure this all out on your own, it is best to go to a lake management professional. He needs to know what you are trying to do with your pond or lake. One thing is for sure. Just adding fathead minnows to the water just hoping that things will improve, without taking thought about it, can fail in the purposes for which you do it and also cost unnecessary money.

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