FIFA 14 Provides Authenticity at the lead above all else

Published: 08th April 2015
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FIFA 14 Present Authenticity into the forefront most importantly of all

A diverse year, a distinct FIFA attempting to locate a way to expand FIFA 13, that is lifted the bar so high that Pro Evolution does not even make the subs bench right now.

In excess of ten new functions of FIFA 14 were announced at the game's reveal recently and while EA's new Ignite engine continues to be restricted to next-gen consoles - the Sony PS4 and Xbox 1 - the pre-Alpha Xbox 360 develop we have some hands-on time with still proves there is a lot to appear forward to for this current-gen console masses.

FIFA 14: Attributes

FIFA 14 puts the emphasis on aiming to produce the scenarios that happen inside 90 minutes with a variety of the most recent animations that it intends is the unpredictabile atmosphere of the game.

Again, it boils down to striving for realism the immediate you would like to succeed the new curling lofted through ball, it may at times be effectively executed if your defender has run out of position.

Possession is the law for teams like Barcelona so prepare to being far more precise relating to your football approach simply because speed in the game has actually been enormously slowed down, benefiting you for wisely bringing your teammates into play and crafting the sort of sweeping, penetrative passing moves.

FIFA 14: Gameplay

No matter whether you are walking, jogging or operating, each and every touch differs from the last. If you are actually attempting a lung-busting run inside 89th minute and your player is battling for energy, the fatigue will have an effect on your capacity to hold energy more than the ball.

Shooting the past handful of FIFA games has typically had identical impact, even though the new Pure Shot mechanics adds an authenticity and a quantity of striking the ball now that is a refreshing addition.

Instant events establishing round the player just like a group of defenders closing you down or matching you for pace can influence the potency of your shot at times forcing you to frustratingly rush your strike.

Players will be in a position to strike the ball with diverse locations of the foot. This in tandem with the new ball physics implies there are more outcomes when you have an try on objective and also indicates a greater good results rate when shooting from extended range.

Group Intelligence

One of the most memorable moments from the 2006 FIFA Planet Cup occurred when Argentina strung together 24 passes prior to scoring a great objective against Serbia and Montenegro. The attackers knew precisely exactly where they ought to be to open up the opposition and they executed flawlessly.

With Teammate Intelligence in FIFA 14, players will have better choice-making and teams will play smarter on both the attack and defense to bring the beauty of the game to life.

Open Up the Pitch

FIFA 14 introduces new run types to make goal-scoring possibilities even a lot more exciting. Players will have the intelligence to break down defenses by making space for themselves and separation from defenders.

You will notice that attacking players will watch the backline to keep away from getting caught offside prior to breaking cost-free for a pass or by means of ball. Attackers will also now execute checked runs to confuse defenders.

Furthermore, the center-forward will back into a defender to hold position and receive the ball, generating space to achieve possession. Afterward, he will either release to another player or turn and shoot on purpose.

Closing the Gap

InFIFA 14, defenders will be greater at tracking runs without over-committing. They will recognize opportunities to assistance and apply stress from anyplace on the pitch. Rather than often covering the player closest to them, AI defenders will better position themselves to lessen the opportunity of a person becoming left wide-open.

When combined with Shield the Ball, Teammate Intelligence opens up the complete field. Plays will form organically as smarter decisions are produced, which means a more realistic football expertise.

For additional gameplay particulars, verify out our preceding FIFA 14 features on Pure Shot Physics and Career Mode.

FIFA 14: Verdict

FIFA 14 has tried to mould itself a lot closer into a a lot more recent representation of this game putting the emphasis on simulation.

FIFA 14 shall be released on September 27, 2013.

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