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Published: 18th June 2015
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The Sakshat Experience is a unique endeavour on our part to bring to the world the brilliance of Indian mythology that goes back to antiquity. We present beautifully handcrafted pieces of arts, including figurines of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to devotees and connoisseurs the world over. We do not sell instant gratification of the senses but we bring to the table much more than money can ever buy. Each and every piece of figurine in our collection is sourced from talented artisans who do not merely build idols but employ themselves in the creation of a mission that we help complete- the mission is direct and simple- to bring to all desirous of attaining, the benediction of a tradition that goes back over three millennia. The artisans charm brass, silver, wood and even resin to beautifully represent the majesty of Gods and Goddesses.

Our faith thus rest not so much in ritualistic religion as it does on the lived experiences of our collective society. Indian reality is blessed to be a fine mixture of magic and reality. We live, breathe and celebrate the wonder that is human fortitude against all seemingly insurmountable odds. The Sakshat Experience endeavours to bring to the rest of the world the organic connection we share with the transcendent powers that constitute and unite all of mankind.

Our statues shall not fix troubles, neither are we hack witch-doctors to suggest bogus black magic tricks. The products we come up with touch lives by evoking inspiration to all they come in touch with. Our abilities, if any, do not rest within us. It rests in our faith that holds human beings are capable of anything at all, should they set their hearts and minds to it. Along with statues we send out paintings, frames and bastars or special decorative wall hangings. Each product comes with a lesson that explains the special significance of the product to the receiver. That way every time one glances upon the product, one recollects the lessons and finds inspiration in times of peace and of need.

The hassles of modern life keep us perpetually occupied with the most banal and silly things. People lose sleep over financial crisis. Our inability to give time and attention to our loved ones cause stress in our personal relationships. Some of us dont even have the support to deal with the loss of our near and dear ones. Such is the mad rush for development and so called prosperity. Sometimes even if some of us might succeed to push through with singular diligence to attain material security, our health fails us rendering us incapable of enjoying the fruits of our labour.

None of these problems are specific to any one country or to any single community. It is an endemic that affects people the world over. Unfortunately there is no miracle man round the street corner that can fix our problems. Alone we have come to this planet and alone we shall depart. That is an inalienable truth of life. Clearly the person we have to rely on most is ourselves. We are our ultimate ally. All world religions propagate the idea that God helps those who help themselves. Our individual religious affiliations make no difference whatsoever when all of our sacred texts and deities ask us foremost to place trust in our own self. The moment when we manage to connect with our inner self and get a clear picture of what is really bothering us, we become capable of finding solutions to our toughest problems.

The Sakshat Experience products manage to help individuals attain this process of coming out to oneself. Our figurines go out to homes and work places and inspire all those who behold them to connect to themselves in all earnestness. The deep philosophical significance attached to each of our deities carry lessons every person can easily absorb and be able to apply to their live addressing all problems. The Sakshat Experience Services offers a collector's range of not only statues but also embodied experiences that adds value to every life, providing paradigmatic perspectives that are essentially priceless!

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