Finding A Job In Risk Management

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Published: 25th June 2015
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Risk management involves the evaluation of the financial activities of each business. The duty of a risk management staff or manager is to identify and measure all possible financial risks that a company or business is facing. Such tasks involve looking at insurance policies, business loans, investments, and contracts that may pose any possible threat to the business, and providing validations or justifications on how the business can improve its finances. A risk management professional should be able to provide and implement methods to mitigate such risks.

Education Requirement

For someone who wants a job in the financial industry, it is important to have at least a four-course degree. Many employers looking for staff and managerial positions are usually in favor of individuals who have graduate degrees - masters, phD, etc. The job of a risk management staff and leader involves calculations and working with numbers constantly. One should have strong quantitative skills since this is the primary requisite for most finance jobs.

If you have a degree or experience in the areas of accounting, business, finance, or law, it can highly improve your chances of landing a job in the finance department. People who took specialized courses in risk management particularly have more edge over those who just took a four-year degree course in a university. Many of the applicants without prior relevant degrees were able to land market risk jobs in the finance sector because of this. And perhaps, any knowledge of business trading processes and practices can benefit those who wish to pursue their careers in this industry.

Work Load and Hours

The job of managing business risk factors is crucial for the owners in order for them to make the right decisions. An employee in the finance sector is required to work 40 hours per week, but overtime and weekends may also require him to work if there is a need. Some companies or employers require weekly workload from part-timers or contract-based individuals. Small to medium business today may even employ freelancing risk managers who can work with them on a short contract. Most of these contracts are considered project-based and the hours work can be flexible.

For those who live in Southeast Asia and looking for the usual 40-hour work week job, risk management job Singapore provides a list of employment opportunities for professionals via website. Like all other recruitment sites, it is best to check the details of the job being offered in order to know what is in store for you as an applicant.

Job Satisfaction and Security

Many employees who work in the finance industry, particularly in the risk management sector, say that they are satisfied and happy with their profession. The work involve is considered mentally stimulating and the nature of the job enables the individual to be seen as a vital player or stake-holder in the business. The nature of the job itself enables managers and staff to become significant to a company or business.

There is always a demand for risk managerial and staff positions which ensures job security in the industry. These individuals are often headhunted especially if they have made a good reputation of themselves. They will find companies approaching them with job offers because of this or they can easily find another position in recruitment agencies.

For those who are into product control Singapore positions, this is quite similar and synonymous to risk management. Such position is involved closely with investment banking processes of a company. If you specialize in risk, you will find this position quite similar and quite challenging as your former job. You will find similar jobs in any recruitment website, but you can check to see what is in store for you if you plan to shift roles in the future.


Many managerial posts in the financial sector are paid well by their employers. In many countries in the west, they usually pay up to 30,000 pounds or more. For entry-level, assistant or trainee positions, the pay is usually lesser at around 20,000 pounds since the individual is set for learning the ropes and valuable experiences on the job.

For experts and well-seasoned market risk jobs Singapore, the pay is also higher like those in the west. Experience is vital in this field in order to prove your worth and value to the company. Senior positions can pay up to $60,000 or even more. You can visit to see the salaries commensurate to experience and expertise if you want to try your luck in this industry.

Market risk Singapore jobs are often considered rare and hard to find. Many individuals looking for jobs in the finance sector are even challenged by the thought of not finding any suitable positions in many businesses and in the corporate district. But market risk jobs can be difficult to fill in if there are not enough applicants and suitable candidates. You can check out Marks Sattin if you are in this region and looking for a job in the financial industry. If you have the talent and expertise, it will be easier for you to find a job that will suit you best and the needs of the employer.

Market risk jobs and other finance job positions are carefully selected by dedicated recruitment agency websites like Marks Sattin. They have people who screen the applications of individuals, as well as the requirements of employers in their country. And best of all, such recruitment firms ensure that the right person has what it takes to land on a job that matches the needs of the employer.

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