Finding an Office Wear Suit for Men

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Published: 09th May 2020
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Now when you have cracked an interview and are preparing to join your new office soon, you must be wondering what about having a nice coat suit for official meetings. That's a wonderful idea and you must go for a classic suit that add to the professionalism in your persona. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while selecting a suit. Once you ascertain what type of suit you want to have, you can find several suits for men online to choose from.
Double-Breasted or Single-Breasted
Double breasted suits are good only for tall and lean men as these suits make the wearer look a little fatter than the person really is. For all other body types, single-breasted suits are the best choice. Moreover, single-breasted suits always remain in fashion. As you are selecting your suit for office, preferable shades would be like navy blue, grey and black.
Selection of Fabric
No doubt, coat suits are good for cold weather, and hence the selection of the fabric depends on it a lot. When it's about cold weather, wool seems to be the best fabric for suits. You can go for Gabardine wool, which is heavy and is ideal for chilly weather. If you don't want it that warm, pick worsted wool which is lighter in comparison to Gabardine wool and is good for warm months. And for the days with mild warmth, the perfect fabric is wool crepes. Now when it comes to designs in wool, fortunately there are many; some of them are pinstripe, multistripe, herringbone, houndstooth, windowpane and beaded-stripe.
Collars of the Suit
Don't overlook collars when selecting your coat suit. Collars of a suit play an important role in the overall look of the wearer. If you have a long and lean face, you should prefer wide collars which make the face look a little less pointed and long. But if your face is wide, pick a suit with narrow collars. These collars make the face look leaner and longer.
Tie to Pair with the Suit
Today, it's not a necessity to wear a tie even on formal or official occasions; but if you have made your mind to put on a tie, select it wisely. Ties draws the beholders' attention to your face, and makes you look more sincere. You can try from various styles like tone on tone or pattern on pattern as per your choice.
Watch Out Your Watch
If you think that a watch doesn't matter much when worn with a classy suit, you need to change your mind. A watch can make or break the look. Wear a golden, silver or black watch as per the color of your suit and complete your look stylishly.
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