Finding the cheapest hotel in Dubai

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Published: 17th May 2020
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Finding cheap accommodation in Dubai is tough but new age options have made it possible.

Everyone who has visited Dubai knows about the landmark 4 star hotels in Dubai. Dubai is known for its premium hotels and hospitality avenues but these are often quite expensive. Dubai has several hotels and other accommodation options available but staying in a hotel can often be a little too expensive as mentioned. This is not really a viable option beyond two to three days. Additionally, hotels come with hefty taxes and other charges on food and other add-ons. However, accommodation in Dubai need not always be incredibly expensive if you select the right options. Hotel apartments have now come up in Dubai and these are known for their immensely affordable rates in comparison to star hotels. Hotel apartments are now giving traditional hotels a run for their money in terms of overall customer inflow and packages.
A good service apartment can give even 3 star hotels in Dubai stiff competition in the services and amenities department. Most importantly, hotel apartments offer some much needed privacy and flexibility which you will not find in most hotels. There are several good hotel apartments available in Dubai which give you a wonderful home away from home coupled with multiple amenities and facilities. You can expect several studio apartments and one, two and three apartments for longer stays up to a week or a little more. These apartments are not bereft of the perks of a regular hotel including service and other facilities.
There are several 5 star hotels in Dubai which come with premium amenities including room service, Wi-Fi connectivity in rooms, business areas, access to premium on-site restaurants and more! These hotel apartments come with several premium kitchenettes that help you cook meals at short notice whenever you wish! Additionally, you will have a lot of space available to relax with your loved ones which is not possible in a hotel especially if you do not want to book multiple hotel rooms. There are several other amenities that these hotel apartments offer including access to a premium restaurant in addition to room service, dedicated business and conference areas and several other facilities. The Golden Sands Dubai is the best option in this regard and gives you a whole host of premium facilities and other amenities to pick from. The Golden Sands Dubai is located in close proximity to all major attractions and tourist spots in Dubai and will give you affordable yet luxurious accommodation experiences.

Jenni Sands is a hospitality expert and advises visitors on Dubai's accommodation options and local culture.

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