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Published: 06th February 2017
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Gujarat has been in the path of high growth and the industries are facing the heat of finding ample storage space for finished goods and commodities. Riding on the success of industrial growth there has been a significant increase in demand for storage space. This has resulted in the creation of several warehouse chains equipped with the latest technological resources for storage of various kinds of goods. Although all industrialists possess their own warehouses, due to the limitation of capacity, it becomes necessary to hire or lease warehouses to meet the requirement of additional storage space. Termed as public warehouses, these are the kind of storage facilities that form the backbone of the logistics and supply chain management.
Ample storage space
Warehouses in Gujarat are not just merely massive storage space but is equipped with suitable material handling and storage arrangements that are necessary for easy movement of cargo from and within the warehouse. Many of these warehouses have special characteristics depending on the kind of goods that can be stored. Some warehouses can be used for storing cargo packed in bags or cartons and palletized cargo such as food grains and agro products. There are other kinds of warehouses that store machineries, industrial raw materials, plastic granules, consumer appliances and electronic goods and many more. You can get a warehouse for the product of your interest for a long lease period like 10 years and can choose a space as little as 500 square feet up to three Lacs square feet.
Types of warehouses
Warehouses in India, including Gujarat can be divided into three types based on the special arrangements provided for material handling and storage.
Normal warehouse - This kind of warehouses are equipped with standard material handling devices that are operated manually like fork lift trucks, hand trolleys, battery operated devices and have slotted angle racks suitable for storing different types of packing - in bags, pallets, cartons, boxes etc.
Automated Warehouse -These warehouses make use of advanced technology and replaces manual handling of cargo by automated devices. The simplest form is the conveyor belt and there are many more equipments and machines which are capable of handling heavy loads with minimum involvement of manual labor.
Temperature controlled warehouse - Also known as climate controlled warehouse, this kind of storage is meant for storing items that need special temperature and climatic condition for storage.
Multipurpose functionality
Although warehouses are primarily meant for storing goods, some of the public warehouses are offered as open storage spaces without any storing facility that gives the option of using the space for non-polluting industrial activities like assembly units, garment manufacturing, packing and repacking. Some of the warehouses can also be used as distribution centers where goods are stored for a brief periodwith the focus on fast shipping to customers.
Public warehouses are doing good business in Gujarat and are in great demand. Whenever you need additional storage space you can hire a suitable storage facility at competitive rates to leverage your productivity and profit.

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