Forgiveness Made Clear: You Need To Know What It Isn't. These 7 Points Could Surprise You!

Published: 25th June 2015
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Our injured heart protests: "Why should I forgive?"

There are truly countless misleading ideas "out there" attempting to describe forgiveness. It is not surprising that people don't choose to do it!

Genuine forgiveness, however, is supremely beneficial. It consistently renews a feeling of inner peace and spiritual freedom into the heart of everyone that does it. Why would anyone not want that?

Let us eliminate all false conceptions by getting a better look at 7 things forgiveness is not.


1) Forgiveness Is Definitely Not A Feeling

Don't ever expect the desire to appear. You go to work when you really don't prefer to, don't you? You do it for a payroll check or even for professional goals.

True forgiveness is just like that. The "salary" is the healing of our emotions and a fresh lease on life; our "professional goal" is pleasing the Lord!

The Lord sent no law commanding us to eat food. He knows we will! He commands us to forgive, because He recognizes we won't generally want to go after it.

2) Forgiveness Is Not Minimizing The Damage

Remember training wheels with your bike? They enabled us to keep from falling in the beginning, but they got in the way soon after we no longer needed them.

Whitewashing the actual harm which took place and the distress we felt is a "training wheel" that gets us moving down the way of releasing wrongs.

Eventually though, various grievances happen that just can't be ignored. True forgiveness views transgression as what it is-- and provides pardon. Not until then is our emotional health regained.

3) Forgiveness Is Not Returning To The Memory

Folks that travel by plane experience what it feels like to become snared by a holding pattern, circling the airport waiting for their aircraft's turn to come in for a landing.

A remembered wrong clutches our deep heart with a similar kind of "holding pattern." Our memories keep going back to it!

Our Lord requires that we forgive completely from the heart. As soon as this happens our emotions "settle down for a landing." All of the torment disappears! We joined our God in His ability to utterly forgive!

4) Forgiveness Is NOT Excusing The Misdeed

There are usually rationalizations for doing wrong but no excuses. Explanations might help us see why he or she behaved as they did--and glean sympathy for them.

God clearly sees the blend of distress and "tunnel vision" from which wrong activity springs forth. This deeper understanding moves His great Heart to feel compassion for us.

Nevertheless,Our Father never makes light of wrongdoing. He detests it. He forever resists it. He fully dealt with it at the cross of Christ. And in doing so He made it possible for us to be forgiven.

Forgiving our sins was painful labor , yet clearing a way to delight in us freely was plainly worth it to Him. Aren't you delighted He did?

5) Forgiveness Is NOT A Reward For Good Behavior

If an individual wrongs me, that makes him "the sinner." But if he sees it and tries to make it up to me and I remain angry with him then I'm the culprit! Why?

Justice requires that I forgive anyone who honestly shows penitence to me and make amends. This, however, is certainly not the level of forgiveness Jesus requires!

Our life in Christ is mercy based, not based on justice. We are asked to forgive the same way our Redeemer does. Christian forgiveness is a pure gift of mercy that the sinner need do nothing to be worthy of.

6) Forgiveness Is NOT A Divine Pardon

We imagine we have a butcher's hook in our heart where offenders are hung out to dry. Giving mercy to them will be "letting them off the hook."

Just the opposite is true: we would be placing them in Father God's Hands. No one cares more about justice being reestablished than the very same Lord who commands mercy.

By His goodness our Lord seeks to lead each person to repentance and restoration. He will work with any instance of sin we give Him. So let Him have His chance!

7) Forgiveness Is NOT Trusting.

If a "friend" swipes your favorite tech toy as he is leaving, you certainly don't have to ask him back! You are allowed, sometimes morally directed, to call the police and file a complaint.

But you must definitely forgive. That is not optional. Forgiveness is ordered of us to give to everybody in every situation. No one must earn our forgiveness. Trust, however is different. Trust has to be deserved.


Forgiveness is lettng go of your hurt, the individual and the wrong to God our Father and trusting God with it all!

Clear away these 7 myths that may be pressuring you to hang on to past wrong when you need to let it go. Restored inner peace is ready and waiting for you!

Give everything to God. And breathe in the heavenly air of freedom!


Steve Evans helps wounded souls find inner peace and freedom. Like to learn more ? Need more help forgiving someone? The major lessons from his popular course, Matters of the Heart, are free at his site. Get started now and claim your free copy of his offbeat ebook, An Illustrated Guide to the Spiritual Life.

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