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Published: 10th May 2020
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Advantages of open source software
Open source is a software system whose source codes are available at free of cost to the users in general and are subject to modification for the enhancement of its features and performance by anyone of its users. These open source software offers numerous advantages in terms of cost, flexibility, customizability and security when compared to the proprietary software and hence widely being adopted by many of the business as well as government organizations. At Rajasri Systems, a software development company, based at Chennai in India, we have been creating custom designed software applications and web designs using various open source software systems.

Difference between open source and closed source software:

Some software systems whose source codes can never be modified by anyone other than the team or members of the organization who has created it are termed as closed source or proprietary software system. Microsoft and Adobe Photoshop are examples of proprietary software wherein the users should have to adhere and agree to the terms and conditions of the usage of the software system.

On the other hand, the open source is completely different as its authors make its source code available to all of its end users so that every one of them could view, copy, learn and if they feel like edit and alter the source codes as per their needs and deeds. Libre office and GNU image manipulation program are examples of Open Source Software System.

These open source software systems offer numerous compelling advantages to the business of which some of them are listed here as under:


Since the source codes of the open source systems are available to all the users in general, they are always free to use both in terms of money and freedom to access as well. Unlike the proprietary software system, you are not locked to a particular vendor and hence whenever you feel like opting for an alternative you could move on to some other choice easily without much formality.

The open source being a peer based software system is highly reliable. The infrastructure of the internet which is composed of many open source programs such as Apache, DNS, send mail, languages such as HTML and Perl and powered by the Open Source CMS Platforms such as the WordPress, Joomla and Drupal stands as a solid proof of its higher reliability even under the most strenuous conditions.


The open source programs are being developed through community forums wherein a group of volunteer themselves to share their time and expertise with a few paid developers and hence are able to be provided at free of cost to the end users under some commonly registered license. No doubt it is a cost effective solution for the business firms than opting for a proprietary software.

Since the source codes of the open source software system are publicly available, all of its users could identify its defects and fix the bugs which provides a greater security to the applications built. The broad peer view of the source by a large group of its end users and developers makes them to identify and eliminate the defects to work them under tight security.

Here again, since the source codes are subject to frequent additions and alterations they offer immense flexibility to customize them to create effective solutions that are tailor made to meet their changing needs with an enhanced performance to the best of their satisfaction.

Above all, the open source software systems are simple and quick to install for you to work with your applications within the least possible time than any of the proprietary software system.

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