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Published: 10th January 2017
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The heartening change that India is going through is the increasing preference of vocational courses among Indian youth. Gone are the days when youngsters used to think only about degrees that deal only with theories. This also means a shift in the thought that a desk job is better than anything else.

This is welcome as, so many students started queueing for degrees that provide a gateway for desk jobs and this has reached a supersaturation point. This has also led to a lot of jobless graduates with inadequate qualifications and skills.

The shift in focus from the unpredictable IT sector to the manufacturing sector has opened new channels for students who would want to rely more on their skills rather than on theories. The change in point of view towards education as a skill imparting device has seeped into the secondary education systems as well.

If one were to see the vocational courses list a decade earlier, one would have found only remote and non-paying courses in that list. The addition of fashion technology, IT hardware, medical/lab services, and new courses like the actuarial course have made the vocational courses list more promising.

Some trending vocational courses:
Actuarial Science.
Multimedia and animation.
Fashion Technology.
Foreign languages.
Video game designing.

The vocational courses right from the schooling level is governed by the National Council on Vocational Training. This is to ensure eliminating any malpractices that may occur and to provide a proper accreditation and affiliation for institutions. They ensure that the framework of the courses, and the quality of the education is up to the mark, and at the end of the courses, students job worthy.

There are a lot of vocational training schools that have come up recently and offer exciting courses in trades that have huge demand in the emerging industries. Choosing a good vocational training school is not easy, but the parameters like their connections with the industry, their laboratory facilities, and the expertise of faculty would certainly help parents choose a good course and school.

For those who already have done their schooling and intermediate, there are numerous opportunities to avail. The emerging industry has also opened gates to a lot of job chances for skilled and qualified students.

The vocational training institutes in India are innovating themselves to this new trend and have revamped their course structures according to the guidelines of the National Council on Vocational Training.

It is time for parents to be aware of this fact that careers are not just about desk jobs, and there are a lot of job prospects in the industry for those who are skilled in a vocation.

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