FTTH Cable: A Means To Higher Bandwidth At Reasonable Price

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Published: 06th February 2017
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What is FTTH Cable?

Fiber to the home cable or FTTH cable is a communications signal deliver preferred over optical fiber. They are a perfect replacement of copper wires used in telephone or as a coaxial cable. It is a new and rapid means to provide higher bandwidth to the users to enhance video or internet surfing experience. FTTH is an evolved fiber optic technology with two-way transmission speeds that ranges up to 100 megabits/second. They are prominently called ‘Future Proof' as cable modem and DSL providers are constantly improving fiber optic equipment to higher current bandwidth without changing the fiber.

Brief History:

Initially when FTTH drop cable was installed, it was considered merely an extension of traditional telecom systems. It was considered a platform where metropolitan systems were connected. Gradually with the passage of time, its purpose to increase the bandwidth was disclosed. Drop cables can be installed aerially or underground just like any telecom connections running around.

An Evolution for Distinct User Experience:

The use of FTTH has increased immensely to an extent that nearly 15 percent of homes now have installed them. Statistics also state that 9 million households throughout North America are directly linked with a network of high bandwidth fiber. Thousands of such connections are being made daily. The consumers using FTTH cables might have altogether a distinct broadband experience.

The evolution of DSL or cable modem from the traditional dial-up internet connection brought varied innovations in the world of surfing which prevails even today. Who will not be using You Tube or Skype? What one simply wants is that their videos run at a go without taking any time to buffer or just Skype without any hassle of lagging to their dear ones. FTTH cables will contribute to enhance this experience.

Strong Economic Development:

FRP Cable Tray Manufacturers will build a strong economic future. Fiber networks are expected to support the growth and development of a country and make it stay competitive in the market for long term. The applications and services being developed recently demands high speed. FTTH is the perfect solution to this. It will not only propel a brand new economic era but will also proclaim business success and enhanced lifestyle of customers.


FTTH cable is a fireproof cable, designed precisely to enhance customer experience with high level of user safety. There are very rare chances of them being exposed to any accidents.

Ashish Poly is an expert who helps with the development of FTTH drop cable to make immense contribution to the economic growth of any country.

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