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Published: 06th February 2017
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If you've got content, make the most of it
If you're like most online marketers you're producing a great deal of audio and video content. And you've likely wondered if you're getting maximum mileage from that content. The fact is, if you aren't providing transcripts of your video and audio content you are missing out on some key opportunities. While media consumption is on the rise, consumers still place a high value on the written word. You may find that hiring an audio or video transcription service can be an easy and inexpensive way to add instant value to your existing content.
Sweet Attraction for Search Engines
One of the most obvious benefits of availing yourself of to an online transcription service is the search engine optimization factor. When transcripts are created for all the audio and video content you've already created to market yourself and showcase your expertise you'll be able to capitalize on the entirety of your content rather than limiting yourself to the few chosen keywords that can typically be utilized with audio-visual content. If you utilize transcripts for a podcast or interview, you'll not only appeal to those customers who prefer to read rather than listen or watch, you'll also be providing the search engines with what is likely to be keyword rich copy to discover.
Nearly Instant Upscaling
If you've been creating content for sale, such as webinars, adding transcripts to your offer can be very profitable. It takes very little effort to add a bit of polish and branding, for an instant product of high customer value. Many customers desperately want the information you're sharing but can never find a quiet time or place to listen or watch. Giving another option increases your market to those customers. You can choose to deliver the transcriptions as a bonus to your existing customers, sell it as a separate product or take advantage of the higher perceived value to increase the price of your product and transform it into a premium package.
Endless Ways to Re-purpose
Once you have the transcription, there's an endless variety of ways to re-purpose and profit from it. Transcriptions can easily be turned into e-books to be self-published or formatted to be sold on Kindle. The latter provides for increased visibility and an additional income stream. Another option is to break up the transcription into article sized pieces. These can be utilized on blogs or on social media outlets, such as posts on Linked In.
Outsource and Profit
Of course, knowing the benefits of transcription hardly gets the job done. It hardly makes sense to acquire the skills or equipment in-house. Whether you're a solopreneur or have a staff, the hours it can take to become proficient in quick transcription could much better be spent elsewhere. So outsourcing is a natural choice for this situation. However, caution should be taken when hiring out for your transcription needs. Transcription is somewhat of a specialty, so you can't hire just any virtual assistant for this task. Which is where services like are recommended, an agency specializing in transcription is much more likely to get your transcriptions prepared correctly and in a timely manner for you to maximize your profits. It does little good for your bottom line if the transcription is not done quickly and correctly.

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