Getting the highest possible Search Engine Optimization Strategies how to make it work.

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Published: 19th November 2016
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Getting the highest possible Search Engine Optimization Strategies how to make it work.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies How to make it work, In today's agenda of business owners and marketers. Just about every online business presence looks to SEO to land in the first page of Google and other search engines. That's because people always start with a search engine about the products and services they want to purchase online. And they don't readily get the urge to go beyond the first page of a search. Defining what SEO can do for your business.

Search Engine Optimization strategies

has become an industry of its own. It may be part of a web development effort, but unless you specify it from the start, you could end up with a beautiful award-winning web design that may never been seen by your target markets. That's the worst thing that ever happen to a commercial website. As an online businessman, you want to drive as much online traffic to your website as possible in order to increase your chances that people visiting your site will want to buy the products or services you sell form your site. In industry jargon, that means monetizing your web traffic. SEO done right can make this happen. And doing it right the first time that you do can create a marketing edge to the business.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies SEO is not a one-time effort that can magically transform your unknown website into a popular one. The objective is to increase your page rank and in so doing, increase your search engine visibility so that people searching online gets your website first or at least land in the first page of a search return. The effort is a continuum that has spawned the term "search engine marketing" That's because, just like in traditional marketing where you need to know what your competitor is doing and how the market perceives your brand, search engine marketers need to monitor how your website is doing everyday and whether or not it is gaining the search engine traction to move it up the page results. Even when you land on the first page, you cannot rest on your laurels, because the next website below you could easily overtake your position in a day or two if you're not vigilant.

What are the best SEO strategies

The first thing an SEO professional does is to learn about your business, just as any marketing consultant would do. That's because knowing your marketing focus helps in defining your markets and how your customers would tend to look for your products and services. That means getting the right keywords, not from from the business perspective, but from the customer's. Keywords are what customers would type on the search box when looking for products in your alley. That is why there are online tools that help the business identify the right keywords for their online presence. Google offers such a tool for free, but it can fall short of shortlisting the relevant keywords that are right for your business. Hence, you may need to get some paid keyword optimizing tools to do the job.

Getting the right keywords is just part of on-page optimization which calls for putting those keywords into your webpages at a density level that won't appear like spam to a search engine. Next is to ensure you have the right HTML structure to ensure that your page can be read and identified by Google's search algorithm as being relevant to a search. Next comes the internal and external links. It must be understood that SEO is about optimizing the visibility of your web page, not your website. That's because in a search, one of your inner pages could land in the first page ahead of your home page. It all depends on how relevant that page is to the search and how much weight or rank Google puts on this particular page. That is why internal page links can be just as important as external backlinks that point to a specific page in your website.

Google makes SEO more difficult to have good Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization strategies
Search Engine Optimization strategies
To a large extent, the recent changes in the Google search algorithm such as the Panda and Penguin updates make life more challenging for the SEO professional. These search updates effectively ended the easy link-building methods often used in off-page optimization. In ranking a page, Google throws out the window any link that appears forced and purchased and puts more value to backlinks from high quality content in authoritative websites as well as from social media, rather than from directories and e-zines. In addition, getting the right keywords is now more difficult. You may not be able to get the proper statistics from Google' own free analytics such as its Google keyword optimizing tools. This has prompted SEO professionals to use more traditional analytical and statistical tools that include site surveys to better capture how users search online as well as getting more feedback from your customers to arrive at a more precise targeting of keywords.

To a seasoned SEO professional, the recent changes are expected as Google pushes the bar in ranking webpages and are not something to worry about. Such changes are what makes the SEO professional services even more compelling for any online business. It further strengthens the argument that SEO needs to be done right the first time.
Search Engine Optimization strategies, and how to do it right the first time.
Getting your webpage search-optimized takes some period of gestation, from a few days or even weeks getting the pages optimized, to waiting a few months to see your site grow in page rank as a result. It is, therefore, important that you get it right the first time. In the hands of amateurs, and there are plenty who simply read about SEO in eBooks or online resources and they think they are ready to search-optimize a webpage, you could even get banned by Google in a worst case scenario, or at best, won't see any improvement in your page ranking. You then have to start all over again while a few months have been lost during which online competing websites have taken a more professional SEO effort to get ahead of you. For more on ways to improve your rankings go to TECFUL at

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