Goals: The Lures You Choose To Use

Published: 28th November 2016
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Recently a major company that I train for announced plans for a sales contest that would run over the next six months. The consultants who qualified would, along with their spouse or guest, be treated to a delightful five-day Caribbean cruise on one of Royal Caribbean's top-of-the-line cruise ships. If that wasn't enough, the company would be picking up the airfare and just maybe a few extra perks. This is something that the consultants would not want to miss.

Imagine them, for a moment, as they picture in their minds the highest degree of pampering: food and more food, shows, sun, relaxation, reading, activities, movies, and ports of call with golfing and sailing! Beyond that, what about every water sport (bass fishin'?!) they could think of, not to mention spending time with friends and peers. Come on, they won't even have to turn down their bed sheets--the cruise ship staff will do it for them.

Do you think every consultant, after picturing all this, would want to attend? Of course! Who wouldn't! Yet why does the "end of the story" always have the same conclusion? It doesn't matter what company, what salesperson, or what industry you're in, the end result is that 20 percent will make the trip and 80 percent will not. In fact, it's events like this that always find us remembering that old 80/20 rule.

What if your company offered you an incentive such as this trip or something of equal value? So you want to be in the 20 percent bracket, correct? Yet do you REALLY want to be there? Do you REALLY want to make the cruise? Know this . . . REALLY means having that red-hot burning internal desire to do two things: to do them now and to do them well.

First, you have to get out of the way of yourself. Most of us have a tendency to do things that get us in the 80 percent bracket. In the Attraction In Action world, it's called being on the correct pathway. Modify your paradigms so you place yourself in the 20 percent bracket. Second--and most importantly--you must have written goals that will get and keep you on track.

So let's share some specific "tackle" (fishin' acronym for "ammunition") you'll need as it pertains to goals. The "lures" you choose to use from your tackle box will help you make that jump into the 20 percent bracket.

Your goals must be in writing, not just thought out.

"My goal is to . . ."

Your goals must be clear and concise with measurable results.

"I must maintain a minimum of $7500 in weekly revenue to . . ."

Set the goal so you really "get" what you want from it. In other words, the reward!

"By attaining my goals, I will be . . ."

The goal must have an ETA (estimated time of arrival).

"I plan on reaching the minimums by . . ."

Write out "benefits" for reaching the goal.

"By reaching my goal, I'll . . ."

Write out the "consequences" for not reaching the goal.

"If I don't reach my goal, I'll . . ."

Have an "Accountability Squad" who will hold your feet to the fire.

"I will ask to be part of my accountability team. I will ask them to speak with me to offer support and ideas that will help me along with reaching my goals."

Now, here is an area for the biggest amount of growth--publish your written goals to your peers so they will know your level of seriousness and commitment.

Here are some professional pointers:

Define your obstacles--what are they?

Capitalize on your best skills.

What people or resources can help you make it?

What additional knowledge or education could help you?

Create a "Goal Getting" book and carry it with you.

Recite your goal(s), out loud, twice daily.

Maintain consistent focused action.

Have a goal bigger than you, like helping someone else make the contest/trip.

Focus on your rewards.

Set goals in the 5 Pillars of Attraction: Spiritually, Relationships, Finances, Health, and Environment.

Why People Don't Have Goals . . . A Mystery Of Life!

They have no belief in themselves. They don't know how to set them. They are afraid of the outcome. They shy away from being held "accountable." They lack self-esteem. They procrastinate.

Do a mirror check. Do you fit into one of these? If so, just being aware that you fit into one means that you've won half the battle. Ask yourself, "Who could you have discussion with that might help you write your goals?" A friend, a coworker, your sales manager, your coach?

A 1956 Yale University study showed that the top three-percent of the graduating class wrote out their goals. The follow-up study 30 years later showed that this same three percent was significantly more successful than the rest of the class, and again the major difference was that they were still writing goals.

Do what it takes to be part of that 20 percent group we spoke about earlier, or, even better than that, do what it takes to make the three percent club! The plans you make now and your activity between the beginning and the "end of the story" are what make the difference. You have to get out of the way of yourself. You must be unbending. You must be tenacious. You must maintain persistence until your goals have been achieved!



A published author, Chuck's work has been featured in numerous business magazines and websites. A licensed instrument-rated private pilot, certified open water scuba diver, disciplined body builder, and Bikram yoga practitioner, Chuck lives in Dallas, Texas.

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