Goddess of light luxury game rocks HP small pale game this evaluation

Published: 06th February 2017
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Often think the world e-sports games, if there is no may be chaotic, have to say that in this day and age, the game can bring us already of sport is not only a pleasure, even treasure to, hall, rr jin may also be a cinch. Therefore a game this, should be the general game SAO years are standard equipment.

HP ENVY series game this new members added E god, a "luxury game this light" being kind called little pale! Here we are talking big pale of sub, nor is it a respectable old teacher, but a little sora, "hero" famous e-sports goddess, explanation, see a "beautiful woman" to the wood. HP get here little pale endorsements, which is meant to reflect the goddess of e-sports strength or fan.

HP little pale with Intel fourth generation core i7-4750 - hq processor, farce frequency to 3.2 GHz; The built-in Iris Pro 5200 core graphics and its 4 k video output, with as many as 40 execution unit, and integrate the 128 MB embedded cache, comparable NVDIA GT840M, ADM R7 M270 higher-end alone. Here I said it is necessary to the core graphics, absolute high above the traditional integrated graphics, its performance will not show weakness under the market independent video card. Another 500 g hard disk drive, 8 gb of memory is the strong backing for large 3 d games, can provide users with a good game operation and installation space. Let's take a look at the laptop.


1, abandon traditional games this modelling, more goddess fan;

2, better heat dissipation, longer life;

3, Intel i7 processor + Iris Pro 5200 core graphics cost-effective;

4, performance: is a good "light luxury in this game.

Although we all know that ENVY for HP to pursue cost-effective game in this series, but as a 5 year not changed in laptop toiling masses, since always, in my opinion, this game is a fighter of the laptop, and should be a big one tuo, mighty domineering, but not on words in this will own the shape of the traditional game,hp pavilion 15-n258nr cpu fan  neither dark all black body, also does not have the traditional metal wire drawing panel. Small pale this continuation is ENVY series of classic appearance, fashionable appearance, also belong to light in the notebook.

HP small pale this positioning the user is the game players, so it is for the game interface is essential demand, RJ - 45 cable network interfaces, DVD drive, three start interface is the use of these enough to meet its game positioning, as well as the HDMI hd output can meet the demand of the use of external screen display entertainment

Little pale face B is a 15.6 -inch 1980 x full 1080 p Gao Qingfang anti-dazzle matte screen, fog screen to prevent strong light and reflected light interference, touch it won't leave any fingerprints. For game notebook, full hd resolution should be both the lowest standard, also should be classified as the best standard. If less than full hd resolution, reduces the game picture quality details, affect the game user's feeling; Best standard because the mainstream games are in full hd is the best setting, too high too low is not appropriate. Other Acer Aspire 4540-5400 CPU Fan price expensive mist side panel belongs to the screen, usually we can only see in more expensive notebook products, as the price of the HP 4999, use the display screen is rare, but also reflects the ratio of side on the edge.

The whole metal makes sense there is a lot of ascension, cohesion of the treatment is also very exquisite. Feel trackpad design is bigger, it may come from without the use of the mouse case into consideration, some friends will be so worried in use process will be easy to accidentally touch touch version, but from personal point of view, because the long-term use of laptop computers have already learned a skills don't touch the god. Worried about by accident, of course, a friend from the system to disable the touchpad.

HP here little pale this keyboard is actually has a backlit keyboard function, the function is the function, the vast majority of the game keyboard have backlit keyboard design makes the players are able to make precise manipulation of the dark environment. Another full keyboard design, a small keyboard, is very convenient to use, at the same time keycap feel good, typing is very comfortable.

HP small pale the speaker hole in C, with little pale carry Beats Audio sound system, as well as, HP and Beats also specifically for small pale this introduced a complete set of solutions, the sound quality, sound, volume, etc to optimize the depth and the bass sound effect is very good, so it is not just to play games, Acer Aspire 4738-7194 CPU Fan or watching a movie, even is the Bi ~ ~ will have a feeling of intimacy.

Have to say the little pale, is a goddess qualities, yan value table, the collocation of black and silver also allows it to force, suddenly rose by a class. From the point of the style of the machine, elegant and feminine, with small sora endorsement, the girl finally can not holding a handful of the fighting, even female nerve can also find some virgin leaves, what is wrong with men, of course, users have also won't feel, embrace the goddess is SAO in nature. 


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