Going for a Family Budget Conscious Cruise Trip

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Cruising is sometimes pictured as a luxurious and glamorous, and possibly even extravagant, type of recreation. Though some cruise lines can be very formal and lavish, indulging in lavish cruise trip is not only exclusive for wealthy people. More and more budget conscious individuals, couples and families are turning to cruising to experience inexpensive vacation. More often than not, a cruise is a good way to have an indulgent experience at a very affordable price.

According to www.travel.usnews.com on its article "The Best Cruises of 2015, there is an increasing number of cruisers each year. Furthermore, the Cruise Lines International Association estimated that there are 21.7 million cruisers would take a cruise trip in 2014 and up from million in the year 2010.

If you want to experience a family budget cruise, it is best to know the following tips to luxuriate in cruising without spending a fortune. Here are the following tips:

1. Plan ahead
It is necessary to planbefore your preferred date of your cruise. . You need to check what cruise lines you prefer for your family cruise vacation. Aside from cruise lines and cruise ships that you need to check, it is also vital that you finalize your itinerary.

2. Search your more information

You must conduct your research. The cost of a cruise trip is not fixed. You got great cruise trip before, but not probably on your next trip. With this, you should check your cruise travel agent, read daily newspaper, or visit the online cruise travel agencies for you to grab the rare opportunity of some offered perks, deals and onboard credit.

3. Book ahead or last minute cruising
To get discounted or inexpensive cruise trip, it is best to book ahead or book the last minute cruising. If you book ahead, you will have more cabin options for you to choose for your family. Contrary to booking ahead, booking for the last minute cruising might give you good deals, but there are only few cabin options you can select since most cabins are reserved and occupied.

4. Compare cabin costs
Before booking for your cabin, gather quotes from different cruise lines. In this way, you can compare which one is cheaper.You can check the websites such as CruiseCompete or Cruise to get some information about great cruise deals. Also, it is better to maximize the space of your cabin. To maximize the space of your cabin, you must inquire with your travel agent if your cabin can hold five passengers. Most of the cabins can accommodate four occupancies. But, there are some cruise lines and cruise ships that can accommodate five passengers such as Carnival cruise ships.

If you want to save money, some cruise lines discount their outside cabins that have an obstructed view. You get an outside cabin since it has portholes for you to see the nice view of the ocean. At the same time, you will be paying the cost which is equivalent to the interior cabin price. Porthole cabins can accommodate four passengers.

5. Cruise in off-seasons
It is excellent to cruise in peak months. You can enjoy sightseeing in a peak season. But, you need to remember that during peak season, it will be very crowded and the cruise cost could be expensive. So, if you want to save, it is better to cruise in off-season, or should season. The weather might not be fine compared to cruising in a peak season, but the cabin cost is lower. You just have to bring the right clothes and umbrella with you to shield you from the unpredictable weather.

6. Carefully select extras
All cruises offer "extras" which range from dance lessons aboard ship to tour excoursions onshore. You can learn SCUBA diving, swim with dolphins, or a whole host of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These options are quite often discounted if you purchase before your cruise date. If you wait to selection your options until you get on the ship, you run the risk of higher prices, or even being disappointed by a "no space available" sign at the sign-up desk.While these extras can truly add to the experience of your cruise, you can easily spend as much on these activities as for your cruise tickets. So learn about the extras available on the cruise that interests you, so you can plan your budget and avoid surprises and regret.

7. Plan your activities
If you are bringing kids with you, it is best to choose a cruise line which is family friendly. Family friendly cruise ships have kids programs, as well as grown-up activities. Often ( depending on the age group), you will be able to leave your kids (of almost any age) to be entertained by the cruise staff so you can enjoy your own activities. You don't have to worry about your kids because they will definitely enjoy the trip with you. Also, you need to plan your activities for your family to avoid the hassle of spending so much to have a fun cruise trip.

8. Know your options
As mentioned in the 7th tip, you need to choose a cruise line that suites the needs of your family. It is also a time saver to know your options. Here is the list of family friendly cruise lines for you to choose from.

● Carnival Cruise Lines
● Costa Cruise Lines
● Celebrity Cruise Lines
● Disney Cruise Lines
● Crystal Cruise Lines
● Holland America Lines
● Princess
● Norwegian
● Royal Caribbean

Knowing the tips mentioned above will definitely help you find the most inexpensive family cruise trip. Be mindful that it is important to check your options first and do your research a year or months advance with your preferred sailing date. Have fun cruising!

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