Good Trip Guide: GPS Device with Good GPS Software

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Published: 31st October 2014
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Good Trip Guide: GPS Device with Good GPS Software

It's hard to find a cheap and nice gps map searchingon google to find and download GPS maps, tour guides,point-of-interest(POI) collections for GPS devices like handheld GPS and Car dvd players on the present. Regardless of whether you are a backpacker or geocacher,business traveler, people always need a usefulgps map software for their journey. Currently, there is a lot of GPS maps, but not all are good to use. Maps like GARMIN, IGO for car, trucks and marine maps are great to use but not everyone could afford it.

Mobile Apps like Google Maps is a good choice for city traverlers with mobile GPS Tracker, is a small, free and lighe to take. GPS position regularly via GPRS or 3G is automatically updated and display on the screen. But for cell phones, GPS signals are not particularly strong, especially in areas whiout strong signal, a good GPS device is truely necessary. GPS device can be found on many online stores , and people can buy a right GPS that suits their needs and configure the right gps map to go with it.

Handheld GPS is the best choice for anyone who is on their way. Most of them have GARMIN inside, and rechargeable with battery. Waterproof and light weight makes them very useful for traveler and easy to take.

Automobile changed people's way of life, GPS navigation changed the way of car life to travel, but travel navigator then changed our quality of life. Automobile travel is an important means of transport.

For car owners whom traveling in a car, it's much convenient to run a gps in the car. Whether in-vehicle GPS or in-dash gps unit are, both are good choice to guide the tour. For windows CE car gps units and new Android gps dvd navigations,it always comes with a free gps map inside to run the gps unit. Not all of them are pefect cause the gps map always use only for test. Due to the high price of GPS maps, many GPS seller test their gps with old maps for gps and free with the device. Adding a GPS maps to auto GPS dvd is a good solution to solve the problem. That kind of gps maps always come with a sd card or tf card. Could be found on some online shop like etc search on google. iGo Navigation is a good choice cause it's not just a simple navigation software, but much more offers a 360 solution to navigation users. Applicable for most portal GPS devices, smartphones and built-in car entertainment systems. The latest version also comes with TTL voice which may telling the road name by voice. Navigon startup screen displays a Garmin company. Explains why Garmin is so famous but Navigon is said to be the best gps. Try entering two hotel address, save it to route, and then simulate it on Navigon, the result is very good, with black and white day mode, speed limit reminders, fork tips, etc., very easy to use.
Tomtom is not as good as navigon on destination search. Navigon can enter a zip code as the search began, Tomtom did not seem to find this feature. And Navigon destination finer is classification, for example, I search for a Vegas hotel, Navigon allows me to choose whether I am going to the hotel or the hotel car park entrance. And Vegas hotels are very big, park may be very far away from the hotel entrance. The Tomtom can only choose a hotel name for selection. Generally speaking, two navigation features are almost the same, Navigon is more easy to use. And Tomtom is better for US drivers.

Good preparation will save time and bring happiness. Wish everyone may have a nice journey on their road.

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