Great Tips Regarding Remodeling Your Basement

Published: 30th April 2020
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Considering taking on a basement remodeling project to create more livable space? Be sure to look into the local building codes in your municipality prior to starting your project.

Many municipalities have compliance requirements when installing a basement egress window. These new codes were created to be sure that home occupants can count on an available second means of escape, in the event of an emergency. Many old houses have very small egress windows that would not allow residents to escape from the basement. Most were built prior to the creation of the new codes. A bright spot to the new rules is that homeowners that have no intention of remodeling their basement need not concern themselves with the most recent building codes. But, those that remodel the basement of the house have a responsibility to comply with the new codes.

There are several solutions to handle the new codes and any reputable builder can offer advice. The two most common solutions are installing new Boman Kemp window wells that widen the egress window or opening the basement to include an outside entrance with stairs that allow entry to the basement from outside the home.

Widening your current egress window openings is often the best choice, but if you need an opening that could conveniently accommodate larger items, an exterior basement door could be a consideration. Make certain to check out a Bilco basement door for durable, maintenance-free basement doors that are available in a multitude of colors to match your home.

Lastly, if you are considering installing larger window wells to your basement, think about getting a cover for your window well to cover the standard steel grate already in place. Adding window well covers is a great way to keep leaves, excess water and other debris away from your grate and promotes easier home maintenance. For more info on basement remodeling services visit our company!

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